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Acrely Farms: Small-Batch, Hand-Crafted CBD Products

A medicinal chemical in hemp that does not cause a high, CBD (or cannabidiol) has recently gained traction after its nationwide legalization in 2018 with many companies emerging into the market. One of them is Acrely Farms, a company in the Master of Business Creation (MBC) program this year at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business.

Acrely Farms was co-founded by Britney Beardmore and Sarah Duke in Utah. Their company focuses on small-batch, hand-crafted CBD products that aim to relieve inflammation and reduce anxiety in individuals. Their products range from body oils to bath salts, all intended to help relieve physical pain and help calm the mind.

Acrely Farms started as a hobby farm project. After working for large-scale production agriculture companies, Duke became involved in organic vegetable production, and she decided to include hemp in her crop rotation after its legalization in Utah in 2018. Beardmore’s background in medical-imaging research sparked her interest in the medicinal benefits of CBD, and she quickly found a multitude of studies proving the positive health and wellness effects from hemp and CBD.

They launched their products at the end of 2020, initially intending to share with their friends and family and throughout the community. After gaining traction in the community, they began reaching out to local high-end spas and boutique shops to sell their product. As Acrely Farms grew, they realized they needed help in order to successfully scale, so they decided to apply to the MBC program.

Acrely Farms sells small-batch, hand-crafted CBD products that aim to relieve inflammation and reduce anxiety in individuals.

Through the MBC, the team has been able to collaborate with both faculty mentors and other founders to improve their business. Since neither of them had prior business experience, they feel this program has allowed them to obtain skills they never imagined they needed that will help them with Acrely and any future business ventures.

Beardmore said she is thankful for the MBC because “we were not really cut out to be business owners overnight” but have been able to reach their goals and find new opportunities because of the program.

Acrely Farms wants to break the mold of the CBD bias by providing high quality, boutique products that consumers can trust. Each product has a batch number that links to third-party test results so consumers can feel safe and connected to the quality and ingredients of every product. The team wants those who are skeptical of their products to know that hemp is high in naturally occurring CBD and is really low with only trace amounts of THC, meaning no psychoactive effects will result when using their products.

The team is proud to be local to Utah and wants to give back in the local community. Currently, their products are being sold in select spas across Utah, California, Montana, Vermont, Wyoming and are also available online.

The MBC is a nine-month program focused on helping founders grow their companies with support from mentorship, workshops, courses, grants, and scholarships. It is provided by the Department of Entrepreneurship & Strategy at the Eccles School of Business with support from the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute.

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