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Sydney Kincart is a political science student leading disability advocacy. She came to the University of Utah to pursue disability studies in conjunction with political science.

Kincart has reshaped the Disability Law Center’s Community Lobbying and Advocacy Training Program, creating resources to strengthen advocacy training and engagement. The Disabled Rights Action Committee and National Federation of the Blind of Utah use her work to aid advocacy efforts.

“I had awesome examples of public service my whole life, especially my aunt,” Kincart said. “Awareness of her disability connected me to the disability community at a young age.”

Kincart hopes disability advocacy becomes a bigger focus. “Even though it’s something 1 in 4 people experience, there just is not a lot of awareness about how it is impacted by policy,” Kincart said.

Participating in Gender on the Hill, a legislative politics class taught at the state capitol, provided Kincart with hands-on advocacy experience. “I was able to either play a role in stopping bills if they were something I was against or helping move them forward,” she said. She helped pass bills such as contraception for inmates, period products in schools, and making Juneteenth a holiday in Utah.

Kincart highlighted the importance of mentorship. “I feel really lucky to be leaving college with the support of Professor Zamora, other professors, and the Disability Law Center,” she said. “Find someone willing to advocate for you and help support you in making changes.”

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