Alon Meir Piano Tech: Keeping Campus In Tune

Keeping pianos in tune is no small feat. It requires a specific skill set and a deep understanding of how to adjust and fine-tune each piano’s individual sound. For many pianists, having a reliable and skilled piano tuner is a necessity, and for some, it’s even a luxury. It just so happens that a young piano tuner, Alon Meir, lives in Lassonde Studios and runs his own business, Alon Meir Piano Tech, which tunes pianos, including the one on the first floor of Lassonde.

According to Meir, his inspiration to start a piano tuning business began when he realized how expensive it was to have his own piano tuned. “I was already so far into it and so convinced that I could learn to tune pianos that I just decided that I’m going to do this,” he said. However, he quickly discovered just how challenging it was to master the art of tuning pianos. “The amount of hours I had to put into it, it kind of had to become a business,” he added.

Running a business while being a student can be a challenging feat. Still, Meir explains that owning a service-based business like his makes it easier to balance both. “It’s really convenient, actually, with this business because I’m the only employee and the owner. All of my work is shaped around my schedule,” he said.

When it comes to what sets his piano tuning service apart from others, Meir acknowledges that the piano technician industry is unique, and there isn’t much room to stand out. However, he said having a website and a Google Business page has been a hit with his clients. “A good 10-15% of my clients have told me their piano tuner just retired or he passed away because there aren’t a lot of people learning trades like this anymore,” he added.

Despite being a relatively small operation, Meir has implemented a few innovative approaches to his business. One of which is using a customer relationship management software specifically designed for piano technicians. “Stuff that I would spend 10 hours on before only takes an hour with this software,” he said.

As for the future of his business, Meir has thought about expanding but recognizes that it may be challenging. “I see it as concentric circles of earning ability,” he explained. “Right now, I can only earn so much. At some point, I’d have to think about hiring employees which brings on a lot of added costs”

Meir’s services extend beyond piano tuning to include piano repair and regulation. Meir’s regulation services involve adjusting the thousands of moving parts in each piano that can become misaligned over time due to screws loosening or parts wearing out. While Meir can repair any type of piano issue, he emphasizes that the decision to repair ultimately depends on whether it’s worth the cost relative to the piano’s value. Meir’s dedication to providing quality service extends to his repair and regulation work, ensuring that the piano not only sounds in tune but also functions smoothly and properly. Overall, Meir’s passion, skill, and innovative approach to business have made him stand out in the industry. Whether you’re a professional pianist or a casual player, finding a reliable and skilled piano tuner is essential to keep your instrument sounding its best.

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