BedVee Raises $130,000 on Kickstarter to Launch Sleep Device

After years of development and a new crowdfunding campaign, University of Utah alum Stella Markova and her startup BedVee are launching a novel sleep product to improve sleep comfort and accessibility.

Markova navigated BedVee’s entry into the marketplace from conceptualization, through the Master of Business Creation (MBC) program at the David Eccles School of Business, and now to crowdfunding success. Through the recently concluded Kickstarter campaign, BedVee garnered support from 610 backers who pledged over $130,000 to propel the company to new heights.

“We started BedVee committed to making adjusting in bed easier and more accessible for everyone,” Markova said. “It’s incredible to see the reception we’ve already received, and we can’t wait to see the positive impact BedVee will make on people’s lives.”

BedVee’s success lies in its novel product – an electric, adjustable bed wedge that provides personalized comfort and has a variety of implications. Unlike other products on the market, BedVee users can adjust their bed’s angle anywhere between 5 to 50 degrees using a simple remote control.

The Bedvee inflatable bed wedge.

BedVee boasts multiple uses and benefits. Beyond offering general comfort and support, BedVee’s versatility addresses a wide market, ranging from assisting individuals while getting in and out of bed to providing nursing mothers with an easy way to sit up and feed their children with maximum support. BedVee even helps lessen snoring by providing an optimal sleep position to open airways.

The positive impacts of BedVee aren’t limited to specific health conditions. BedVee offers solutions to a plethora of everyday problems, including heartburn, back and joint pain, leg swelling, circulation, and digestion.

Markova enrolled in the Master of Business Creation program at the University of Utah to advance her business skills and prepare for her product launch and growth. She said the experience has been important to her success.

“The MBC program helped me refine my idea and organize my business to be able to scale quickly,” Markova said. “The faculty and mentors provided valuable feedback during my time in the program and continue to advise my company today. I also met many other founders in the program who continue to provide advice and support.”

Looking ahead, Markova will be busy as BedVee progresses post-Kickstarter campaign. The company is planning on harnessing a pledge management service to manage pledges and shipping effectively. The timeline for 2024 includes full production and importing in the second quarter of 2024 and a goal to ship Kickstarter orders in May 2024. BedVee is prioritizing the fulfillment of Kickstarter orders before fulfilling subsequent orders.

In terms of manufacturing, BedVee remains committed to delivering high-quality products. Collaborating with experienced, ethical, and safe vendors, the company is vigilantly ensuring that products meet their high standards. They are working diligently with manufacturers to test production and implement quality control checks before moving forward with orders.

Learn more on the BedVee Kickstarter webpage.

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