Brennen Woodward

Blue Gecko: Branded Apparel Solutions for Any Occasion

Are you looking for branded apparel solutions for your business or organization for any occasion? Brennen Woodward would like to meet you.

Woodward is the founder of Blue Gecko Apparel, a company he grew while participating in the Master of Business Creation (MBC) program at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business. The program is provided in-person or online and in partnership with the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute.

The MBC program helped Blue Gecko grow from just another apparel company to one with a unique approach and solutions. They provide a technological solution to the headache of apparel acquisition and fulfilment by utilizing e-commerce stores as a central purchasing platform.

“We know that getting apparel purchased, delivered, and organizing the fulfilment of the order is a huge task that can take an individual many hours to do,” Woodward said. “We remove that issue for you and act as the central ordering point and fulfilment of each individual order.”

Branded apparel created by Blue Gecko.

Founded by 2017, Blue Gecko started as a general apparel decorator focusing on embroidery and over the next few years screen printing and other decoration services were added to their repertoire.

Blue Gecko is a family-owned and -operated business that Woodward, his wife, and six kids all participate in. They run their company out of their founder’s basement currently and hope to expand to an external location soon.

Among other services, Blue Gecko helps companies solve the problem of deciding what to order and what sizes to get. Too many companies have closet’s full of T-shirts either in odd sizes or in styles people just don’t want to wear. They work with you to curate a small variety of different items and then let the individuals decide what they want. Individuals buy what they want and that you know they will wear out and about thereby achieving your branding and marketing goals.

“Companies, universities, high schools, and teams spend too much time trying to figure out all the logistics of printing apparel instead of furthering their mission,” Woodward said. “Time is a valuable resource and Blue Gecko Apparel wants to help you get some of it back.”

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