Breezy Ski Co.

Breezy Ski Co.: Functional and Sustainable Ski and Snowboard Gear

Meet the dynamic trio behind Breezy Ski Co.: Alex Rodriguez, Zach Bryan, and Dorian Ishmael. These innovative students, who met in a business class at the University of Utah, share a passion for storytelling and creating high-quality products. They’re on a mission to change the ski and snowboard industry by developing a range of functional and sustainable gear that solves common problems.

After struggling with wet gear on the mountain, the team knew there had to be a better solution. They got to work on their latest project, which is a ski/snowboard boot bag with better ventilation, anti-microbial and sustainable materials, and eventually a heating element to keep your gear warm and dry.

Their entrepreneurial spirit has led them to establish Breezy Ski Co. as a brand that’s focused on solving problems and creating products that stand out in the industry. To date, they’ve been working hard to develop their brand and gain an organic customer base through their website, apparel, and brand ambassadors. They’ve also been building relationships with other young entrepreneurs on and off-campus, collaborating on ideas and sharing resources.

Their passion for winter and outdoor sports runs deep, and they’re committed to making products that help others enjoy those activities to the fullest. They believe that gear should not only be functional but also comfortable and stylish. Breezy Ski Co. is all about creating products that reflect the spirit of the mountain and the lifestyle that comes with it.

As Ishmael puts it, “When you love what you do, you’re not working,” and the team behind Breezy Ski Co. embodies this sentiment. Their lively and fun approach to their work shines through in everything they do, and it’s this passion that fuels their success.

Product sketches for a ski/snowboard boot bag

Their ultimate goal is to make Breezy Ski Co. the face of the mountain. They want to establish themselves as a leading brand in the ski and snowboard industry, providing high-quality products that customers love. They’re well on their way to achieving this goal, with a growing customer base and increasing attention in the industry.

Breezy Ski Co. is grateful for the opportunities provided by the University of Utah’s Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, including a $1,500 grant they received through Get Seeded, a milestone grant program. They have now also set up shop in their very own office space on the main floor of Lassonde Studios — so go pay them a visit when you see them in there working! This support has enabled them to turn their ideas into reality and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Their hard work is paying off, and they’re excited about the future of the brand.

So, the next time you hear someone say, “Stay Breezy!,” you’ll know that it’s because Breezy Ski Co. is a great example of the innovative and creative spirit fostered by the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute. Their passion for creating high-quality products, building relationships, and solving problems is inspiring, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Want to be part of Breezy Ski Co’s latest project? They’re looking to create a short film featuring people who campaign their brand out on the slops for the end of the season.

Find Breezy Ski Co. online at or on Instagram @BreezySkiCo.

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