Career Hacks: Helping Students Succeed One Video at a Time

If you are looking for career advice, a University of Utah student is developing a solution for you.

David Kale, a recent graduate of the David Eccles School of Business, launched Career Hacks, a new digital community focusing on personal and professional development. Currently, Kale is the face of Career Hacks, but he aims to recruit a team of passionate educators who want to create informative content for students.

“My goal is to get a bunch of educators and professors to contribute,” Kale said. “I want it to be an online business university.” The future of Career Hacks will be a fully independent online business with professors contributing full-time, he explained.

Career Hacks aims to position itself as not just a study guide, but a comprehensive career development tool. Through discussions, exclusive speakers, and academic support, Career Hacks strives to provide quick and thorough educational material. Their content is currently available on several social media platforms including TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

“We have versatile content for professional development,” Kale said. “Everything from talking about balance sheets and spreadsheets to learning public speaking. We did a podcast on AI and things we should know before you start college.”

Career Hacks aims to provide lessons and experiences for students wanting to improve their academic and professional lives. As the business continues to grow, private coaching and consulting will become available.

As a student and entrepreneur, Kale wanted to make learning the material for business-related classes easier to digest. “How can we be more efficient?” he asked. “These hour-and-a-half classes could be condensed into several minutes and the content could be available for everyone.”

Career Hacks shows potential for thriving in the startup arena, particularly due to Kale’s expertise and experience. Kale has invested in many businesses and projects, but Career Hacks follows his personal values of leading with empathy and collaborative leadership.

“Leadership means being down there with your people as an equal instead of being there on top,” Kale said. “In order for me to be teaching empathetic leadership, I still actively seek positions in which I can gain even more leadership experience.”

Programs at the University of Utah’s Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute have played a key role in helping Kale transform his ideas into reality. He is a member of the Lassonde Founders residential scholarship program. He received a grant from the Get Seeded program to generate new content to cater to the expanding follower base.

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Lauren Nusbaum Lauren Nusbaum is from Los Angeles and moved to Utah for skiing, but stayed for a major in strategic communications. She uses her communications major and arts technology minor to further her passions of digital design and photography. Find her on Instagram @just.lauren.

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