CleanFare Kicks-Off Beta Test with a Competition for All Testers

This week, CleanFare, a student startup working at the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, launched a public beta test of their new mobile app. CleanFare aims to help clean up the air in Salt Lake City by diverting commuters away from using personal vehicles and encouraging them to take more “green” modes of transportation such as walking, biking or taking the bus.

As a part of the beta test, CleanFare is hosting a competition for anyone who becomes a tester and creates an account. The competition starts on Friday, April 20, and runs until May 31. Whoever tracks the most alternative transit trips with CleanFare during that time will win a Nintendo Switch. The competition is open to anyone, so become a tester for your shot at it.

“I’m really excited about the Launch Competition,” said Sam Hirsch, the app developer, company founder and a student at the University of Utah. “I’m very proud of our product, and I hope everyone who downloads it feels a little bit of that same excitement.”

The app allows users to track their use of alternative transportation and then rewards them with achievements, analysis of their trips and their effect on the environment, and info to post to social media. Beyond those rewards, CleanFare will partner with local businesses to offer app users discounts to locally owned, community-oriented companies.

“We have a pretty simple philosophy,” Hirsch said. “We want to improve our community and reward others who are doing their part. That philosophy is the reason behind our local focus. Not only do we want to reduce pollution but also we want to introduce people to new, local businesses that are invested in their community.”

To learn more about CleanFare and to become a tester for your chance at the Nintendo Switch, visit their website at To support them on social media, tag CleanFare in a post or support their Thunderclap to automatically share their competition post as the start date approaches.

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