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Company Launch Startup Teams for Fall 2022

Meet the 20 startup teams in our Company Launch program at Lassonde Studios for fall 2022. They are working many different industries. Find a complete list below.

Company Launch offers these startups office space at Lassonde Studios, cohort gatherings, workshops, staff coaches, professional consultants, and more. All students at the University of Utah are welcome to apply to join the program. Startups are admitted every semester.

The program is managed by the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute and sponsored by Zions Bank.

Learn more and apply to join the program at

Fall 2022 Startup Teams

Argus Entertainment – Argus Entertainment provides DJ and audiovisual production services to the Wasatch Front and beyond, primarily serving weddings, school dances, and private events. Launched in 2020 amidst a global pandemic, Argus Entertainment understands the ever-changing needs of the event production industry and is constantly evolving to meet those needs. From intimate 30-guest weddings to 6000-person concerts, Argus Entertainment handles audiovisual needs in a variety of sectors and capacities.

BADXBASIC – BADXBASIC is a sustainable women’s clothing brand that aims to focus on circular fashion. An increase in the secondhand market and a high demand for customized apparel lead the founder to create this brand. They are focusing on sourcing sustainably by using repurposed fabrics and materials to create our product. The main purpose of their brand is to mitigate fast fashion, bring more attention and discussions related to environmental issues and topics and provide the best quality apparel to fit the lifestyle of an everyday woman.

Balmont – Balmont is a fashion brand derived from past and present experiences. Influences from the founders community and family are portraited and incorporated in their work. Balmont cultivates timeless economical clothing that is sold at a nominal price.

Boost Yourself Company – The Boost Yourself Company is based off the founder’s book, “Boost Yourself.” The main idea of the book is to create a better life for yourself by avoiding recreational drugs and having good overall habits. The Boost Yourself Company is where the movement begins, it’s a movement of people who support the idea behind the book. The next Boost Yourself product will be a journal, but more products will be added soon. Things like license plate frames, watches, socks, etc. are all products that could be added later down the line. The Boost Yourself journal which will be released soon is going to be a combination of a to-do list planner and a journal to reflect on your day, and integrated throughout the pages will be various tips to increase your productivity.

Breezy Ski Co. – Breezy is a environmentally conscientious ski gear and supply company that specializes in heated ski bags and apparel.

Carpe Zen Productions – A production, content, and marketing studio.

Demo Forecaster – Using predictive classification data modeling to determine the best ski for every skier at every ski resort every day.

FOAM – The DoorDash for your laundry, Foam is an innovative, direct-to-consumer laundry service for students living on campus. Their mission is to make laundry as straightforward and stress-free as possible, all while disrupting the traditional “communal laundry” facilities found in high-density living areas — especially within universities as, in essence, they are some of the largest landlords.

FullFeel – An online marketplace for homemade food that allows people to turn their home into a food business.

Innovation Outdoors – An outdoor and recreation company, with the initial project of creating a foldable paddleboard for ease of transport and storage. They have several other ideas that they hope to prototype and look into producing over the next year. They also hope to file a patent on the foldable paddleboard idea within the next school year.

Kurl Up – Kurl Up is a sulfate-free, multicultural, and vegan hair care brand for people with very curly hair. Curly consumers have seriously lacked substantial haircare in the past. Haircare has advanced a lot but leaves curly hair out of the conversation even though secondhand data shows curly consumers are willing to spend twice as much as people with straight hair. While Pantene and Tresemme are partnering with go green projects, adding cruelty free labels and cutting costs while doing it, curly haircare has remained mostly the same since it hit mainstream shelves in early 2000s. Kurl Up is giving curly consumers more ethical options with fair trade ingredients, vegan, and cruelty free formulations, and they strive to drive costs down to be more affordable.

Organic Vestitus – Organic Vestitus is an organic lifestyle brand, that correlates with hemp apparel. It will be apparel that will differentiate from the current bland, lack of creativity in the current hemp clothing industry. It will be guided toward raising awareness about global climate, and ways hemp can benefit the environment, all while wearing a much more durable, and odor-resistant hemp shirt rather than other fabrics out in the market.

Pupil – Pupil is an online and in-classroom system that enables professors to have their lectures automatically recorded and uploaded to a secure location based on their class schedules. In turn, this gives students convenient online access to all of their class lecture recordings. This is accomplished through an intelligent recording device in each classroom that is connected to a Pupil scheduling server. Currently, pupil is developing the recording device (the Recorder) and has approval from several professors to begin real-time testing.

Rentie – Rentie is a platform that allows users to easily search for available places for rent, using crowdsourced data to map the market rate and the quality of the landlord or management company. Rentie believes that tenants have the right to know what they are getting into before signing a lease. By using crowd-sourced data to create a review system reporting on individuals’ experiences with specific property management and properties, renters are able to see the full picture, before it’s too late. Rentie also believes that monthly rates should be fair, and renters should know average rental rates by neighborhood and filter targeted areas by price. By creating a map search feature with various filters, Rentie will encourage fair rates, and ensure that renters see all options. Property management entities will want to create a positive image on Rentie, to encourage business and create leverage over competitors. Rentie wants to benefit everyone, creating ease and transparency for all renters.

SadieB Personal Care – SadieB is a personal care company for Gen Z girls with a social mission of empowering girls through products that focus on their abilities, accomplishments, and goodness rather than the look they are trying to achieve. They will launch with shampoos, conditioners, body washes, and body sprays. SadieB is founded, led, and operated by girls with a girl’s P.O.V. Through products, opportunities, and voice their purpose is to empower every girl to be an unstoppable force for good. With products like the Athlete, Go-getter, Adventurer, and Creator girls can focus on their goals. They give girls opportunities to learn and jump start their career path through our mentorship program. Lastly, they give girls a voice by supporting girls causes like Girl Up United Nations Foundation and more.

Savorit – Savorit is home-cooking reimagined. They take the work out of finding new creative recipes, getting groceries, and cooking your meal. They solve all the pain points of cooking by offering an app that lets you choose your cooking preferences, use a Tinder-style swiping method to find new recipes and pick up groceries without wandering through the store. It offers similar services to HelloFresh, but at a much cheaper price point. You start by choosing any meal preferences and dietary restrictions, then you can swipe right on meals that look delicious and left on meals that don’t. They compile a meal plan based on your choices and automatically create a shopping list. Using API’s they connect to a local grocery pick up service, so all you do is approve the order and pick up your groceries at the store on the way home. Finally, they give you step by step recipes to cook fast and easy dinners.

Sticker Armor – Founded In Salt Lake City, Sticker Armor is the result of frustration founder J.T. Craft had observed people’s water bottles covered in scratched-up and destroyed stickers. Sticker Armor went through several prototyping phases and has now released the final version which is completely adhesive-free and is applied using a simple hot air hairdryer. Think of it as a screen protector for your water bottle – it is meant to be used and get scratched up! This is why they sell Sticker Armor in packs of three, so when your bottle needs a fresh look again or you want to add more stickers simply peel off the sticker safe sleeve and apply a fresh sleeve to be as good as new!

whop – Whop is an acronym: we heart our pets. This is a one-of-a-kind service that will provide quality, mindful, and sustainable products that are hand selected to cater to each pet personality. Whop will prioritize working with small and local businesses that align with our values over bigger companies. They are striving to create a business that customers feel good about, and are building a community of pet lovers rather than focusing on maximizing profit.

Yama – Yama is a dual-sided marketplace and community where guides can sign up and create an experience they are passionate about for consumers to purchase. Yama acts as only as the platform in which consumers can find, book, and participate in the experiences that we approve to be on our website.

Zducate – Digitalizing Indian education system by recording classroom lectures which can be later viewed by the students.

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