Company Launch spring 2021

Company Launch Startup Teams for Spring 2021

Meet the 26 startup teams in our Company Launch program at Lassonde Studios for spring 2021. Find a complete list below. They are working in areas ranging from fashion and video games to parking and mental health.

Company Launch offers these startups office space at Lassonde Studios, cohort gatherings, workshops, staff coaches, professional consultants, and more. All students at the University of Utah are welcome to apply to join the program. Startups are admitted every semester.

The program is managed by the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute and sponsored by Zions Bank.

Learn more and apply to join the program at

Spring 2021 Startups

Affordable Genomic Solutions – Looking into technology and techniques to help deliver genetic testing to those who could not normally afford it.

Arrow and Etch – A luxury oil production company with a broad color palette to choose from. Their oils are manufactured from refined and boiled pure linseed oil, which gives the oils their sheen. Each and every product undergoes heavy quality control, and every oil that exits manufacturing is ensured the highest quality. Currently, there are four options for the purchase of our luxury paints: individual, 12 color palette, eight-color palette, and four-color palette. Their prices are competitive. The purchasing process is made very intuitive with the dynamic platform they utilize.

Avjoni Games – Avjoni is a game development company focused on creating extremely immersive worlds.

BAD X BASIC – BAD X BASIC is a company that revolves around sustainable fashion. The idea for this company started a couple of years ago when the founder started making money from reselling vintage items on an app called Depop. Fast forward to now, she made over $2,500 in sales in the month of June, 2020, by reselling thrifted pieces. She had the opportunity to sell a women’s blouse that she designed and sewed from thrifted materials. This idea led her to dream about starting a clothing line of her own. The twist is – she will be designing pieces from thrifted materials. BAD X BASIC is unique as it integrates creative fashion with sustainability and upcycling.

Beacon Sleep Solutions – Working to help the millions of people worldwide who suffer from parasomnias. The company does so using technology that reads biorhythms to create a stimulus that will break the sleeper’s negative episode.

Be-young Minky – A weighted minky blanket company looking to expand into a tech space utilizing sleep-monitoring tech.

Camspire – Created to spread awareness for suicide and mental health. The mission of the company is to ease the conversation of mental health, provide coping skills, and create a community of supporters. Camspire currently sells at the University Bookstore and around Salt Lake City.

Candid-Politics – The company gives city politicians an easy and effective to display their policies for upcoming elections. They hope to broaden into state and national politics.

Executive Solutions Corporation – On a mission to be the world’s first completely mobile integrated collaborative investment real estate firm by creating catalytic cutting edge commercial real estate (CRE) mobile application technology enabling greater automation and machine learning than exists in the industry (the next paradigm of the industry), and harnessing the power and experience of military veterans through educating them with industry-leading proprietary training materials and conducting operations with a high performance team centric methodology.

FullFeel – The “Airbnb for home cookers.” Their idea is to connect people who have culinary skills and want to make an income from selling food to those who are seeking fresher, healthier, or less artificial meals. This connection is given through an online platform where the cookers set up a profile and the customers have access to them (filtering by distance, type of food, type of meal, etc.). The company also intends to give support to the cookers as they need to start cooking their best dishes or to potentialize their business in case they already use their houses as a small restaurant or factory.

Interwoven – A board game and digital game company with a purpose to bring people of varying cultures and backgrounds into one fulfilling experience.

Krum Coffee – Krum is on a mission to make cold brew more affordable, convenient, and all natural. They make at-home cold brew kits, our kit comes with give tea bags that can be left in water overnight, 6-10 hours later you will have sweet, smooth, and refreshing cold brew. The reason they chose cold brew is because it is naturally sweeter, more flavorful, it also contains more caffeine and it is up to 70% less acidic. This is a quickly growing market, and they are one of the only companies offer at-home cold brew kits.

Kurl Up – Kurl Up is a brand of hair products specifically for curly hair that is organic, cruelty-free, and fair trade while also being affordable and accessible. People with curly hair tend to spend twice as much on their products compared to their straight and wavy hair counterparts. An average wash contains an average of four products compared to two used by their straight hair counterparts.

Little Wanderers Studios – Aim to celebrate diversity through the creation of fun and entertaining games that promote awareness and critical outlooks on the world surrounding the players – inside the game and out.

Massey Political Consulting – A company that provides: strategic communications, political operative recruitment, grassroots organizing and campaign management, digital media, external affairs, data and strategy, and fundraising.

MediFile –A startup with the vision to provide web and mobile applications/software for clinics and hospital in Liberia and sub-Saharan Africa at large. They are developing a web application to record and store data of patients and medical practitioners. The app will also have an analytic feature that gives administrators data-driven view on the operation of their organization.

Mountain Canvas – The company’s long-term vision is to spread awareness of our earth and the energy that comes from sustainable living through art and yoga. It will be website-based and have a shop, yoga info, and a journal to share stories of the mountains from my personal adventures and experience. Social media will play a big role as well.

Neurosense – The company technology, Neurosense, which is short for Neuropathy Sense, is developed with the aim of reducing the cost and increasing the sensitivity of peripheral neuropathy diagnosis to meet the needs of primary care screening. Their technology is comprised of a peripheral probe, a smartphone application, and an artificially intelligent agent. The end-user product is simple both in terms of hardware and operations. This simplicity will not only increase the user-friendliness of their technology but also will reduce its cost and increase its accuracy, reliability, and durability.

O’Prima – Up-and-coming clothing brand within the outdoor industry. The company has a unique focus on sustainability. Their primary goal is to motivate movement toward a more sustainable future. O’Prima envisions creating a community of open followers who share a passion for the world around us. In order to cultivate this, they plan on organizing community clean-up events. Not your everyday cleanup, but ones that focus specifically on a niche of adventure sports (rock climbing, surfing, skiing, mountain biking, hiking, etc.). This would include cleaning up garbage around the area, as well as instruction on how to properly place equipment and climb the rock that minimizes damage to it, and promotes the longevity of the crag. Additionally, the company would offer free education on how to safely begin rock climbing for someone who has never done it before.

Parq – Parq is the one stop solution for parking. A peer-to-peer platform that provides an eco-friendly option to traditional parking that saves money and time. Parq allows individuals and businesses to monetize their unused parking spaces while promoting a sense of community and trust.

Quintal – A real estate development firm that uses principles of equity crowdfunding. The company builds homes that are affordable, well designed, and most importantly equitable. Part of the funding for constructed homes will be invested by community members where the project is being built.  The main issues the company tackles are issues with investment opportunities for low income households, community pressures of NIMBY, and home affordability/ownership in Utah.

Riseonnice – Ecommerce platform for real estate.

Soaked City Studios – A creative platform for artists of all kinds in which artists (and creatives!) can connect, collaborate, and receive promotion for their work as well as receive guidance in refining and/or defining their skills as well as building their professional artists portfolio.

Trimble Technologies – A green-tech company starting with re-purposing air pollution into sellable products.

Vasari Tech – A custom software development company that helps startups, mid-size businesses, and local enterprises increase revenue, reduce cost, and drive business innovation with automation and software solutions. Vasari sees an opportunity to provide automated services involving building, mechanical, industrial trade as those are the ones it believes have yet-to-be digitized in their day-to-day operations and culture. It provides web development, web design, mobile development, data analytics, and backend development services tailored precisely to their client’s needs. Many work processes are repetitive for a person to do and can be automated with a custom software-based service. Vasari has the goal of understanding what the process is, break it down to its components, find solutions that will save time, resources, and reduce complexities for the organization.

Yama – Yama is a modern-experience freelancing service. It’s an app that gives you the power to browse, search with keywords, and filter for unique experiences created by actual people (guides) in and around any location. If you find an activity you like, you use the app to pay for it digitally. You are then given a time and location in which the experience will begin. Experiences like a hidden rope swing into a secluded lake, an art guru tour around the city, a photographer’s dream trail, or even jet skiing during sunset are all options you can expect on Yama.

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