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Company Launch Startup Teams for Summer 2020

Meet the startup teams in our Company Launch program at Lassonde Studios for summer 2020. The group is meeting virtually during this period. Find a complete list below. They range from a wall printer to a parking app.

Company Launch for summer 2020 offers these startups cohort gatherings, workshops, staff coaches, professional consultants, and more. All students at the University of Utah are welcome to apply to join the program. Startups are admitted every semester.

The program is managed by the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute and sponsored by Zions Bank.

Learn more and apply to join the program at

Summer 2020 Startups

Artciel – Artciel is a creative design company that offers a unique service called vertical wall printing. This technology is brand new and allows us to design completely customizable works of art and apply them directly onto clients’ walls. It looks to revolutionize the way people think and apply interior graphics and works of art.

Camille Bagnani Photography – As a freelance photographer, Camille hopes that everyone knows they belong in front of a camera. Getting pictures taken can be intimidating, so she wants to provide a stress-free experience and show off every individual’s personality. Her work ranges from portraits couples, events, to concerts, and more!

Interwoven – Board game/digital game with the sole purpose of interweaving people of different cultures and backgrounds into one fulfilling experience.

Parq – The Airbnb of parking. Never stress about finding a parking spot again. Find the best parking spot next to your destination while paying low prices. Choose from over 1,200 spots. Make the most of your trips by saving time on finding parking. Book your parking spot within three clicks with Parq, an entirely new way to find parking, search for your spot, gain new experiences, or start earning money as a host.

Perfect Fitment – Perfect Fitment is a new concept to e-commerce in the automotive aftermarket industry that will attempt to replicate the same type of experience found in customizing vehicles in popular racing video games. This is a company focused on UI/UX design with 3-D capability, to allow for multiple vehicle types and customization (wheels and upgrade-accessories).

TrailRax – Manufactures overland products at top-notch quality in the United States. Its products deliver a unique look for Jeep Wranglers, while at the same time providing extreme functionality. Most Jeep owners love to have their Jeeps fully tricked out and looking cool. While other Jeep owners want functionality. TrailRaX accommodates both. It does this by customizing and manufacturing removable roof racks and bracket systems.

Trimble Tech – A materials-science-based company, not unlike Koch Industries, with a focus on sustainability. To start, the business wants to filter air to harvest phosphorus. This starting point could be beneficial in a few ways: (1) air quality will improve, and (2) phosphorus is a depleting resource needed for farming, so it would be beneficial to harvest the phosphorus for farming while also cleaning the air.

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