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Company Launch Startup Teams for Summer 2021

Meet the 14 in our Company Launch program at Lassonde Studios for summer 2021. Find a complete list below. They are working in areas ranging from fashion and video games to parking and mental health.

Company Launch offers these startups office space at Lassonde Studios, cohort gatherings, workshops, staff coaches, professional consultants, and more. All students at the University of Utah are welcome to apply to join the program. Startups are admitted every semester.

The program is managed by the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute and sponsored by Zions Bank.

Learn more and apply to join the program at

Summer 2021 Startup Teams

BAD X BASIC — BAD X BASIC is a company that revolves around sustainable fashion. The company specializes in designing pieces from thrifted materials. It integrates creative fashion with sustainability and upcycling.

Camspire — Created to spread awareness for suicide and mental health. The mission of the company is to ease the conversation of mental health, provide coping skills, and create a community of supporters.

Cyberinfrastructure Technologies — Cyberinfrastructure Technologies is a private-research company dedicated to high-end defense research. It provides research and innovation for all private and public institutions. It aims to synthesize computing systems, communications, signal processing, and people to foster trust and achievement.

Beacon Sleep Solutions — Investigating technologies to supplement treatments for under-represented patient populations in sleep medicine. The company has two pending patents and is expecting to submit another provisional patent application.

Executive Solutions Corporation – On a mission to be the world’s first completely mobile integrated collaborative investment real estate firm by creating catalytic cutting edge commercial real estate (CRE) mobile application technology enabling greater automation and machine learning than exists in the industry (the next paradigm of the industry), and harnessing the power and experience of military veterans through educating them with industry-leading proprietary training materials and conducting operations with a high performance team centric methodology.

Foam Laundry — The DoorDash for your laundry. Foam is an innovative, direct-to-consumer laundry service for students living on campus. Their mission is to make laundry as straightforward and stress-free as possible, all while disrupting the traditional “communal laundry” facilities found in high-density living areas — especially within universities as, in essence, they are some of the largest landlords.

FullFeel — An online marketplace for homemade food that allows people to turn their home into a food business.

Interwoven — Interwoven Games is a gaming company whose sole purpose is to unite and connect people of different cultures and backgrounds into games.

Keyvan Kash Art — Supporting local artist with extraordinary talents and giving them a better chance and working to spread the voice of many unrecognized visual artists.

Little Wanderers Studios — Aims to celebrate the diversity of thought through the creation of fun and entertaining experiences that promote awareness and critical outlooks on the world surrounding the players — inside the game and out.

Massey Political Consulting (MPC) — A political communications and government affairs firm headquartered in Salt Lake City. Their team brings decades of experience working with various clients including political campaigns, non-profits, PAC’s, political advocacy groups, think tanks, and political parties.

Mind Lab — Gary Stilwell is an HB60 student at the University of Utah with a background in medical product development and impact investment. Other team members TBD.

PARQ — Where Airbnb and Waze Meet Parking. Their platform allows home and business owners to rent out their unused parking spaces.

YAMA — A website that connects you to experience hosts who provide a unique hosted experience on their own schedule. is the marketplace that makes it easy to find, filter for, and search for experiences of a lifetime.

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