Construction Notice: Moving into Lassonde Studios

Sorry for the mess! The main road getting to Lassonde Studios is under construction. Please expect to use an alternate route to get here during move-in week and beyond. Move-In Day is Thursday, Aug. 16.

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As you make your way to campus on Move-In Day, utilize this route:

  1. Regardless of which direction you are coming, make your way to Presidents Circle, (on a GPS, you can use Kingsbury Hall, 1395 Presidents Circle, Salt Lake City, 84112) which is on University Street and 200 South.
  2. Head North on University Street, and take a right on 100 South (follow the green arrow path).
  3. Follow 100 South, which turns into North Campus Drive as it curves around campus.
  4. You will come to a traffic light (Central Campus Drive). Go straight through the light.
  5. At Wasatch Drive, turn right.
  6. On Wasatch Drive, after you pass the Dumke Softball Stadium (on your right), turn right. Please note, this is an access road and you will be driving through parking lots- it will not look like a regular road. If you see a running track on your right-hand side, you have gone too far.
  7. There will be some signage throughout these parking lots directing you. Eventually, you will come to a stop sign where you will take a right, and then another right.
  8. This will put you on the road immediately behind Lassonde Studios. Keep driving towards the main parking lot (indicated by the purple star).
  9. This is where you will temporarily park, check in, and unload your belongings from your car to your room.
  10. Once you are done loading your belongings up to your room, please re-park your vehicle (going back using the same route you took in). If there are spaces available in the lots you drove through to get to Lassonde (indicated by yellow smiley faces), you may park there and walk back to Lassonde.
  11. If there are no parking spaces in those lots follow these directions. Once you are out of the parking lot access road and the Dumke Softball Stadium is on your left, take a left on Wasatch Drive (follow the orange arrows).
  12. At the stop sign, take a left onto North Campus Drive.
  13. At the light, turn left onto Central Campus Drive, then your first right into the lot next to the Merrill Engineering Building (Yellow Smiley Face). From here, you can take the Red Shuttle Back to the Union and make the short walk back to Lassonde Studios to enjoy the festivities, unpack, and get settled!
  14. As a reminder: Do NOT take Foothill to Mario Cappechi to access Lassonde. There will be a lot of traffic on Mario Cappechi that this new proposed route will help you to avoid. Additionally, you will not be able to turn left (Red symbols on map) as you have been able to in the past.

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