‘Cyber Heist’: A Crime Game with a Twist

While some may dream about hacking into computers to clear their student debts, one group of EAE students is aiming to make that dream possible — in the video-game world, at least. “Cyber Heist” is a two-player game where players take the role of either a hacker or thief and work together to break into a futuristic Department of Education to wipe out all student debt. “We are trying to achieve a couch co-op feel,” said Jake Muehle, a graduate student in the EAE program and one of the game’s lead designers. “The game is designed for the two players to interact, talk to each other and help the other player through the game experience.” The game was named a finalist of the Independent Games Festival Student Showcase — beating out 350 entries from around the world and across all gaming platforms.

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