DASHP: Software for Pest Control Sales

DASHP is a software solution that emerges from the founders’ experience in the door-to-door, pest-control industry. It enhances recruitment and retention strategies for pest-control companies, providing them with advanced tools for precise experience management and performance analytics.

Cofounders Domus Go and Isaac Tai are enrolled in the Master of Business Creation (MBC) program at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business to grow their company. They plan to take their software nationwide, having identified a gap in door-to-door pest control sales where companies often lacked essential tools and training, leading to a focus on quick results at the expense of ongoing learning.

Go’s inspiration for DASHP arises from the difficulties encountered during the sales process as a door-to-door sales representative. The software platform developed by DASHP provides accurate analytics and insights tailored to the pest-control sales industry, offering tracking tools, streamlining onboarding processes, and forecasting potential earnings. It also provides quick access to proprietary company training resources, creating experience management software for the pest control summer sales industry.

Highlighting DASHP’s achievements, Go noted the rapid development of the software platform, the addition of features, and the acquisition of clients and design partners within six months. The company is actively expanding its features and securing new clients.

Sharing his entrepreneurial journey, Go brings a wealth of experience in sales and revenue generation, project management, startup consulting, and brand development. With DASHP being one of his latest ventures, Go’s career spans diverse industries, including tech, commodities, food, fitness, auto, and e-commerce. His decision to join the MBC program goes beyond honing entrepreneurial skills; it’s about broadening horizons.

Rooted in his early years in Manila, Philippines, and shaped by his American upbringing, Go has always been passionate about solving business problems and creating innovative solutions. He draws inspiration from his grandmother, an entrepreneur who initiated her journey in commodities, eventually diversifying into real estate and financial lending.

Despite facing challenges such as financial setbacks, daily rejections, and being misunderstood, Go embraces adversities as valuable opportunities for growth. His aspirations as a first-generation entrepreneur and immigrant include leaving a lasting legacy for future entrepreneurs and building profitable businesses for generational wealth.

Isaac Tai grew up between Japan and Hong Kong, working at a few tech companies both large and small during and after undergrad until ultimately deciding to start his own company with Domus in DashP.

Looking to the future, DASHP aims to address pain points within the pest control sales industry and extend its solutions to similar industries, leveraging its technology. The MBC program plays a pivotal role in helping the founders preemptively avoid early business mistakes, acquire essential knowledge, and prepare their company for sustainable growth.

What sets the MBC program apart, according to Go, is its practical approach. Unlike traditional degrees, founders in the program immediately apply theoretical knowledge to their real-world businesses. The experience has been challenging and immensely rewarding, Go said, with each cohort member sharing a genuine passion for assisting every company’s growth.

Learn more about DASHP at dashp.io.

About the Author:

David Wimert David is currently attending the University of Utah, studying game design in the EAE program, with an emphasis on developing 3D video game art. He was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, before moving to Miami at 14. There, he discovered film and photography, which he does to this day.

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