Michael Asihene of Decimate Limits

Decimating Limits in the Fitness Industry

We can all agree that fitness and health are extremely important. Similar to entrepreneurship, being healthy requires a lot of dedication and hard work. There are constantly boundaries being pushed and limits being broken. One Lassonde student, Michael Asihene, is at the forefront of innovation in this sector.

In 2014, Asihene had an idea. He wanted to pursue his love of fitness and share it with others. He became the founder of Decimate Limits, a company that designs supplement mixers, apparel and protein supplements. Since then, he has worked hard to continue challenging the status quo in the fitness industry. “Fitness is more than being aesthetically pleasing physically,” Asihene said. “It’s a way of pushing yourself passed perceived limits mentally, physically and spiritually.” Another thing that is important to Asihene are his teammates. Ryan Yates, a Junior in the Business College, is the head of marketing at Decimate Limits. Yates and Asihene have been close friends in high school and share very similar life ambitions.

Asihene was born and raised in Salt Lake City. Seeing his father, an immigrant from Ghana, obtain a master’s degree in metallurgy at the University of Utah has pushed him to challenge the barriers in his own life. Asihene is now pursuing a degree in Multidisciplinary Design and wants to use his degree and his passion for entrepreneurship to build and grow his company.

To Asihene, success doesn’t mean a massive company worth millions of dollars. He measures success instead by the number of people he motivates and improves their lives. He also hopes to eventually branch out from health and fitness and make an even greater impact on the world through automotive and medical equipment. Decimate Limits was awarded with designated desk space in Lassonde Studios for this academic year through the Company Launch program. This provided the team with resources including free accounting, financial, and legal services. Lassonde has also helped provide a community of peers and mentors to support and give feedback. Business has been booming for Asihene and his team so far, and he’s excited to tackle the many challenges ahead.


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Natasha Fisher Natasha Fisher is a resident of Lassonde Studios and student at the David Eccles School of Business. She hopes to pursue marketing and enjoys any opportunity to write about other passionate entrepreneurs.

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