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eClout Marketing: Turning a Passion Into a Portfolio

Ahaise Clinton Bradt, a University of Utah marketing and entrepreneurship student originally from Uganda, is transforming his passion for photography and art into a marketing agency called eClout Marketing. “We basically help brands solidify their identity, generate leads, and hone their online presence,” Bradt said.

Bradt immediately fell in love with art when he moved to the U.S. From taking photos of his friends to creating promotional material for his school, Bradt founded New Aperture Media. He quickly found out how expensive it was to promote his work, so he learned how to do it himself. Bradt said this showed him how fun the process of making up creative content was and how he could find new ways to get people to view his work. He soon founded eClout Marketing.

By 2019, Bradt’s growing portfolio landed him a summer job with Amazon Prime on a film set in New York City. While there, he also had the opportunity to work on event preparation for film director Spike Lee, shooting photographs and doing social media marketing. Bradt’s portfolio also includes marketing collaborations with product and service companies. “It’s been fun to tangibly see how the marketing is paying off,” he said.

Bradt continues to expand his portfolio and collaborate as an inaugural member of the Lassonde Founders program at the University of Utah’s Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute. “Lassonde Founders is probably the biggest reason I came to the U,” he said. “I found that the community here was something that I couldn’t find anywhere else. There are so many opportunities for us to work and grow and learn from each other.”

The growth of eClout Marketing has required Bradt to navigate business challenges. He has been able to address challenges like tax codes in the Founders program. “The Hours with Experts program taught me how to best set up my business for tax benefits,” he said.

Looking ahead, Bradt said he hopes to continue merging the production element of New Aperture Media into the strategy side of eClout Marketing. “We want to work with more businesses as well as help smaller companies launch, find their brand identity, and get them started off on the right foot,” he said.

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