Emi & Co. Art: Simplifying the Art Buying Process

Emi & Co. Art is simplifying the art acquisition process for homeowners and interior designers. It was founded by Emi Dalton, an art curator and dealer with a passion for transforming spaces with original fine art. She is growing her company in the Master of Business Creation (MBC) program at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business.

Emi & Co. Art provides clients high-quality, custom-framed, original oil paintings from both established and emerging artists. The company offers in-home and virtual art consultations and is growing a website to showcase a diverse collection of works by local and international artists.

“I offer an uncomplicated way for people like you and me to buy original art, starting with one painting, and building to a curated collection,” Dalton said. “For designers, Emi & Co. Art takes interior design to the finish line. imagine as an interior designer having a one-stop-shop where the complexity of procuring original fine art for a client is taken away.”

Dalton’s passion for fine art has been a lifelong journey. Her background in business and communications, coupled with her upbringing in a family where creativity and interior design were part of daily life, provides the perfect foundation for her venture. She believes that art can help us tell our story, but acknowledges that the process of acquiring art can be complex. “I saw a way to simplify the process,” she said.

As Dalton raised her daughters, she discovered the transformative power of art in creating a peaceful and personalized home. Her journey began in 2018, when she purchased a group of 20 paintings from a Ukrainian artist, catching the eye of a renowned designer and friend, leading to the birth to Emi & Co. Art. Dalton’s mission is to make the art acquisition process seamless and enjoyable for collectors, homeowners, and interior designers.

Emi & Co. Art offers a straightforward approach to buying original art for homeowners, allowing them to start with a single painting and gradually build a collection that reflects their unique personality and priorities. Interior designers also benefit from Dalton’s expertise and trained eye for procuring original fine art when sourcing for clients. Working with Emi & Co. Art as a trusted partner allows designers to provide the finishing touch in their client’s homes and time to focus on other creative aspects of their work.

Emi Dalton is the founder of Emi & Co. Art

Emi & Co. Art has quickly gained recognition in the design world, featured in prominent publications such as Frederic Magazine, House Beautiful, Country French Magazine, and Utah Style & Design. Dalton has also been invited to share her love for fine art on KSL Studio5 as a guest on multiple occasions. In addition, Emi & Co. Art has been showcased in both the Salt Lake and St. George Parade of Homes. Dalton plans to expand her business online, making her extensive inventory of beautiful paintings accessible to a broader audience.

Dalton enrolled in the Master of Business Creation program to enhance her business acumen and gain valuable insights into entrepreneurship. She believes that education is the key to unlocking success in a rapidly evolving market. The MBC program has provided opportunities for personal and professional growth, positively impacting not only Dalton’s life but also the lives of her daughters.

“The University of Utah’s MBC program provides unparalleled access to professors who are industry experts,” she said. “They have started and run successful entrepreneurial ventures and know what pitfalls to watch for as well as how to push potential in founders and spot good ideas.”

The MBC program has been instrumental in helping her think more strategically and expand the vision and goals of Emi & Co. Art. It has also connected her with a supportive cohort that values diverse experiences and backgrounds, creating a network of strength. “The MBC a top-tier entrepreneurial program,” Dalton said.

Emi & Co. Art’s emerging success is a testament to the dedication of an entrepreneur with a commitment and desire to make fine art more accessible.

To learn more about Emi & Co. Art, follow @emiandco on Instagram or visit emiandcoart.com.

Emi & Co. Art offers a straightforward approach to buying original art.

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