Empowering Hoteliers with Data Science

Co-founders Viral Shah and Dhaval Chokshi are empowering hoteliers with their startup HelloGM, which provides a single interface to see data from disparate property management systems easily compiled, analyzed, and utilized. A data-science-focused endeavor, the pair grew the company as members of the Master of Business Creation program at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business. They graduated from the program in May 2021 and are positioned for growth.

HelloGM brings hoteliers success through accessibility. “Our idea is any business should not be left behind in the competition of data science just because of the financial constraints that small businesses have,” Shah said. A desktop and mobile friendly interface allows hotel managers to conveniently view dashboard features that track revenue, occupancy, and the average daily rate of their hotels. “We know in this era of information technology, data is everywhere. We work on bettering our product so the data we collect can be used to help hoteliers maximize their profits,” Shah said.

Shah and Chokshi are excited for the future of HelloGM, which is looking bright in the light of their new destination resort client. “This resort is a unique opportunity for us because it is a resort with hotels, spas, market, and restaurants. What we are working with them today is to get the data from these different systems together in one place,” Chokshi said. This shows promise for the future versatility of their product, which they hope will become an industry standard. “Our far-reaching goal is to become a de facto data analysis platform that businesses of any scale can depend on for their analytics needs,” explained Chokshi.

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