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Entrepreneur Club Startup Showcase and Summit on April 24

The Entrepreneur Club is hosting a startup showcase at their Summit Event on April 24 at 5-7 p.m. in the Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building (room 1110). The event will showcase the startups funded through the club’s Get Seeded program. The club has funded 30 companies this year and given out 150,000 dollars in funding since August 2013.  Come hear what these students have done this year with their funding.

The Entrepreneur Club is a student run club that helps students start their own businesses. The club hosts the Get Seeded program, which lasts throughout the school year and occurs once per month. At the events, students pitch their ideas to other students and club members in order to secure seed funding. Seed funding is the first time a new business plan receives funding for support. During the event, the pitches are voted on by attendees and the best receive funding. The money comes with no strings attached except to report back to the club what was done with the money. Nowhere else in the country do they give out free money like the Entrepreneur Club. It is a rare opportunity that many students are taking advantage of in starting their own businesses.

The Get Seeded program is sponsored by Zions Bank and managed in collaboration with the Startup Center for Students.

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The Entrepreneur Club is managed in partnership with the Lassonde Entrpereneur Institute. Learn more about the Entrepreneur Club at

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