Get Seeded Awards $6,500 in Grants for November

Seven student startup teams received $6,500 in Get Seeded milestone grants in the round ending in November 2023. See below for a list of teams and their product ideas.

The final pitch event for regular grants was held at Lassonde Studios. It included live startup pitches, free food, and public voting to determine who received grants.

Get Seeded is a milestone grant funding program open to all students at the University of Utah. Students requesting more than $500 follow a three-step process, concluding at the final pitch event. Students requesting $500 or less — called microgrants — are funded after a two-step process.

All University of Utah students are welcome to apply for grants. The first step is to apply online.

The program is managed by the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute at the University of Utah and sponsored by Tom and Kim Litle,, and the Rosann Family.

Learn more about Get Seeded and apply for a grant here:

Regular Grants

Crab Hands — $1,500

Crab Hands creates pinch blocks used for training climbers’ pinch strength.

MusuU MusuMe Musubi — $1,500

MusuU MusuMe MusuBi is a grab-and-go spam musubi food stall on campus. There is a dire need for cheap food on campus that has substance. Who doesn’t like cheap food, Hawaii, and Japanese culture?

Pure Solutions — $1,500

Pure Solutions is an innovative product that enables consumers to easily and comprehensively test water samples from the comfort of their homes. Unlike current water testers on the market, Pure Solutions’ reusability, intuitive design, and Bluetooth capabilities will enhance water safety. Their product will inform millions of people about the quality of their water and provide low-income communities with an affordable and effective way to improve their health and standard of living.


Cortex Evolution — $500

Cortex Evolution uses science to help aspiring professionals (and others) develop core life skills so they can master their brains and hit goals. Clients progress through online, 3D, interpersonal courses that enhance skills like learning, memory, motivation, energy, focus, and critical thinking. With those worlds is the Strive Hive, a self-improvement community that algorithmically connects people with inspiring “Improvement Partners” who mentor, support, and teach one another.

Mutated Stitches — $500

Mutated Stitches addresses a pressing issue in the fashion industry and the negative environmental impacts of fast fashion. Fast fashion is responsible for as much as 10% of global carbon dioxide emissions and consumes a vast number of resources. Mutated Stitches solves this problem by upcycling clothing, reducing the need for new garment production, and promoting sustainable fashion. They give young women the opportunity to embrace their style without compromising the planet’s health. By providing eco-friendly, stylish options, they contribute to a more sustainable future, one stitch at a time.

Summit Esports — $500

Summit Esports provides a service in the form of a tournament manager, such that data is automatically collected, analyzed, and relayed back to the user in an easy and eye-pleasing manner. Through the integration of code, utilizing each specific game’s API, their website automates all data gathering and utilizes that data within an AI-based algorithm to predict various game parameters in real-time. This data is then organized and outputted to the website as customized by the user to provide an enhanced experience for both the tournament organizer and the tournament attendees.

Vivi Peak — $500

Vivi Peak creates effervescent pre-workout tablets, with hopes to bring more convenience into the supplement industry.  Instead of having to scoop a powder into a bottle that probably has too small of a spout, they are in the process of creating the first effervescent, pre-workout tablet. Similar to the product “Airborne” which fizzes when it touches water, their products will be water soluble, and they hope to be the easiest-to-use products in the health supplements industry.

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