Get Seeded milestone grant program, University of Utah

Get Seeded Awards $7,300 in Grants for February

Seven student startup teams received $7,300 in Get Seeded milestone grants in the round ending in February 2023. See below for a list of teams and their product ideas.

Get Seeded is a milestone grant funding program open to all students at the University of Utah. Students requesting more than $500 follow a three-step process, concluding at the final pitch event. Students requesting $500 or less — called microgrants — are funded after a two-step process.

All University of Utah students are welcome to apply for grants. The first step is to apply online.

The program is managed by the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute at the University of Utah and sponsored by Chad and Kristen Anselmo.

Learn more about Get Seeded and apply for a grant here:

Regular Grants

Going Outdoors — $1,500

Going Outdoors created a prototype for a ski mask that is more protective and breathable than other ski masks on the market. Skiers and snowboarders constantly deal with face problems of either getting too cold while skiing or not being able to breathe without fogging up their goggles. This company’s product provides a solution to these problems by covering up all of your skin besides your nose and mouth that have vents for airflow.

MatchU — $1,500

MatchU is a web app that allows university students to connect and match with each other in real time. MatchU offers a unique and safe dating experience for students. The app operates like a traditional dating app, with users able to swipe left or right on profiles to indicate their interest. However, by limiting its membership to university students, MatchU is able to facilitate more genuine and timely matches.

Savorit — $1,500

Savorit is a mobile app for cooking, with a focus on helping users find new recipes and save money. Cooking creates a simple time to connect with one another, and everyone deserves to have access to simple healthy meals. Savorit wants to lower the cost and time commitment of cooking so people can focus on what really matters in their lives. They want to make it as easy as “Swipe, Shop, and Savor.”

UV Sense — $1,500

In Utah and surrounding states with high altitudes, skin cancer and melanoma incidence has been increasingly recognized as a growing epidemic. To address this problem, UV Sense is finalizing development and commercialization of cost-effective, easily-accessible products to empower those with a predisposition to skin cancer. Through the development of an ultraviolet-detecting wearable sensor that works in parallel with users’ smartphones, individuals will be able to wear their device to stay informed.


Athlatec — $500

Athlatec is developing automation software for strength and conditioning coaches to spend less time behind the computer and more time with their athletes.

Loafgirl — $500

Loafgirl operates a home bakery that caters to college students.

Oaty Toaty — $300

Oaty Toaty is a healthy snack company focused on producing allergen-friendly snacks. Their first product lineup is granola. It’s made with nourishing ingredients and comes in flavors such as banana bread and peanut butter and jelly. Oaty Toaty aims to help people eat healthy while keeping snacking fun and tasty. Their snacks will be made with less processed and allergen-friendly ingredients compared to other brands.

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