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Get Seeded Awards $7,360 in Grants

Six student startup teams received $7,360 in Get Seeded milestone grants in the first round of grants for the fall 2021 semester. This includes regular grants and microgrants for this period. See below for a list of teams and their product ideas.

The final event for the regular grants was hosted at Lassonde Studios. It included live startup pitches, free food, and public voting to see who received grants.

Get Seeded is a regular milestone grant funding program open to all college students in Utah. The first step is to apply online. All university students in Utah are welcome to apply for grants.

Students requesting more than $500 follow a three-step process, concluding at the Final Pitch Event, where they pitch to an audience that votes on who gets funded. Students requesting $500 or less — called microgrants — are funded after a two-step process.

The program is managed by the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute at the University of Utah and sponsored by Chad and Kristen Anselmo.

Learn more about Get Seeded and apply for a grant here:

Regular Grants



Tatfinder (University of Utah) – $1,750

Tatfinder is a new, dual-sided, artist-driven, tech startup in the tattoo community that matches users with the best artists for them based on various factors in a decision-based, optimization algorithm using location, style of tattoo, and values to match artists with users. Tatfinder also is a way to explore what style of tattoo users like and is an education tool surrounding tattoos.

Argus Entertainment

Argus Entertainment

Argus Entertainment (University of Utah) – $1,500

Argus Entertainment provides high-energy DJ and AV production solutions for events across the northern Utah area and beyond. Their motto is “Turn it Up to 11,” and they bring that same passion to event production. They combine professionalism and competency with a loose, fun, and laid-back feeling to perfectly execute a client’s wishes for their event.




(University of Utah) – $1,500

Foam solves one of the biggest problems college students face: laundry. No college student enjoys the eerie sight of a communal laundry room; it takes time, is often full, and relying on a college student to promptly switch their clothes from the washer to dryer is … optimistic. Foam’s service will pick up, wash and fold, and drop off laundry, providing a stress-free and convenient service for students. No waiting for machines. Easy drop-off. Convenient pickup. Laundry delivered.



Foodrush (University of Utah) – $1,500

Foodsrush is a tech company that connects stores with surplus food that hasn’t been sold with consumers who are looking for food at a cheaper rate. For instance, a pizza shop that sells pizza by the slice has several slices left over at the end of the day that has to be thrown out. Instead of throwing it out, the shop notifies that it has leftover food. Consumers can then book their slot and collect the food before the shop closes for a few dollars. Foodsrush has a goal to reduce food waste.


Cortex Evolution (University of Utah) – $610

The Cortex Evolution mission is to make personal development more enjoyable, systematic, and effective. For one audience segment, they provide neuroscience-based learning and memory coaching, which will expand into unique, multimodal behavioral change programs. For another, they established a self-improvement community (the “ReforMates”), which algorithmically matches people with peers who act as inspiring mentors, supporters, and friends, effectively crowdsourcing to increase usefulness and profitability.

Whop (University of Utah) – $500

Whop is an acronym for “we heart our pets.” It will be an eco-conscious company that creates a box catered to the owner’s pet by information provided from the owner. The products they will include in their boxes will be sustainable while also prioritizing smaller businesses when selecting our products.

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