Get Seeded Awards $7,500 in Grants for February

Seven student startup teams received $7,500 in Get Seeded milestone grants in the round ending in February 2024. See below for a list of teams and their product ideas.

The final pitch event for regular grants was held at Lassonde Studios. It included live startup pitches, free food, and public voting to determine who received grants.

Get Seeded is a milestone grant funding program open to all students at the University of Utah. Students requesting more than $500 follow a three-step process, concluding at the final pitch event. Students requesting $500 or less — called microgrants — are funded after a two-step process.

All University of Utah students are welcome to apply for grants. The first step is to apply online.

The program is managed by the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute at the University of Utah and sponsored by Tom and Kim Litle,, and the Rosann Family.

Learn more about Get Seeded and apply for a grant here:

Regular Grants

Cineractive — $1,500

Cineractive is creating interactive display technology as an alternative to static advertisements.

Sundial Solar — $1,500

Sundial is designing the first mass-market residential rooftop solar trackers — a machine that moves solar panels throughout the day to make them more efficient.

The Allergy Card — $1,500

The Allergy Card is a website that allows users to create and print their own allergy/food restriction cards for free. The website will also provide a professional paid translation service for users who are traveling out of the country. User data from the site will be consensually collected, analyzed, and sold to restaurants that would benefit from providing more allergy-safe options.

Yudebo — $1,500

Yubedo is making the real estate investment process accessible to everyone. By blending educational resources with the latest technology, their platform empowers users to make savvy investment decisions with confidence. Yubedo provides all the necessary insights and tools to efficiently navigate the real estate market.


Aloe — $500

Aloe will produce a handheld ultrasound device for the home. Users will use it to screen themselves for multiple types of cancer 5-6 times a year. It will use deep neural networks to analyze the images automatically and recommend the user to see a physician if applicable.

Mutated Stitches — $500

Mutated Stitches is a small sustainable clothing company that upcycles thrifted garments into new, unique pieces for its target audience of women. The items include shirts, skirts, and dresses that are made to embrace femininity and boldness.

WearWare — $500

WearWare is creating a defogging device to put inside or on the edge of a helmet. It is designed to be unnoticeable and covert. The device attaches to any goggles through custom quick-attach magnetic mounts and heats/desiccants the air coming in to defog the goggles and melt any ice forming inside.

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