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Get Seeded Awards $7,500 in Grants for January

Eight student startup teams received $7,500 in Get Seeded milestone grants in the round ending in January 2022. This includes regular grants and microgrants for this period. See below for a list of teams and their product ideas.

The final event for the regular grants was hosted at Lassonde Studios. It included live startup pitches, free food, and public voting to see who received grants.

Get Seeded is a milestone grant funding program open to all college students in Utah. The first step is to apply online. All university students in Utah are welcome to apply for grants.

Students requesting more than $500 follow a three-step process, concluding at the final pitch event, where they pitch to an audience that votes on who gets funded. Students requesting $500 or less — called microgrants — are funded after a two-step process.

The program is managed by the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute at the University of Utah and sponsored by Chad and Kristen Anselmo.

Learn more about Get Seeded and apply for a grant here:

Regular Grants

UV Sense

UV Sense

UV Sense (University of Utah) — $1,500

UV Sense is an ultraviolet-detecting wearable sensor that is designed to be used during any and all outdoor activities to track UV exposure and accumulation to avoid sun damage. The company is dedicated to the well-being of those with active, outdoor lifestyles who are concerned with UV radiation and how their future selves could be affected by skin cancer. Yearly, there are more skin cancer diagnoses than all other cancers combined, UV Sense aims to change this.

Elijah’s Deli

Elijah’s Deli

Elijah’s Deli (University of Utah) — $1,500

Elijah’s Deli strives to be a gathering place for the community. By bringing people together over food and art, we can create the authentic deli experience anywhere in SLC.

Organic Vestitus

Organic Vestitus

Organic Vestitus (University of Utah) — $1,500

Organic Vestitus is an organic lifestyle brand. It will be selling hemp apparel targeted for a younger generation and young adults.



Relay (Brigham Young University) — $1,000 Judge’s Award

Relay is a team-based accountability app that matches people into teams of 5-10 people who are working towards the same goal. Once placed in their tribe, it helps these teams leverage each other to experience success through connection, accountability, and motivation. Relay’s current focus is on helping people who are working to overcome pornography use, but ultimately they envision their platform as a service that enables all types of self-improvement.


Gut Feeling Specialty Foods (University of Utah) — $500

Gut Feeling Specialty Foods will be a manufacturer of specialty prepared foods, accommodating several elimination diets that help facilitate natural healing for certain health conditions.

Mura (University of Utah) — $500

Mura is a smart science-based productivity wellness planner designed (primarily) for students. Driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Mura brings together functionality from a calendar, planner, task app, habit tracker, goal keeper, wellness log, and meditation hub all in one modern, digital platform. It is an iOS/Android mobile app in development built on empirical research and neuroscientific principles to effectively support one’s productivity pursuits for a healthier life.

Sundial (Brigham Young University) — $500

Sundial is building smart solar mounts for rooftop-based solar panels, increasing panel efficiency by as much as 30%.

The Art of the A (University of Utah) — $150

The Art of the A is a book that teaches middle and high school students everything they need to know to get a 4.0 while still having time for the activities they care about outside of school.

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