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Get Seeded Awards $8,547 in Grants in April

Seven student startup teams received $8,547 in milestone grants at the monthly Get Seeded Final Pitch Event at Lassonde Studios on April 29. See below for a list of teams and their product ideas.

Get Seeded is a monthly milestone grant funding program open to all college students in Utah. The first step is to apply online. Top teams advance to the Final Pitch Event, where they pitch to an audience that votes on who gets funded. All university students in Utah are welcome to apply for grants.

The program is managed by the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute at the University of Utah and sponsored by Zions Bank.

CoWeb Collaborations

CoWeb Collaborations — $2,330

A new kind of collaboration platform specifically for students. CoWeb plans to bring the functionality of corporate-calendar scheduling and communication to collegiate students by providing an all-in-one solution that integrates with existing educational software platforms.



Rexchanger — $2,000

Rexchanger is providing affordable access to outdoor equipment for amateur and avid outdoor enthusiasts. Their app will be available for both android and apple products and can currently be downloaded through the Google Play store. Keep an eye out for automated payment processing and a map feature that will be built using the funding from this round.



Momentum — $1,200

Momentum strives to help people who have a gap in their resume validate the time spent away from the workplace. Targeting women, Momentum is on a mission to help employers hire a more diverse, qualified workforce. This round of funding will help Momentum share their mission with even more customers by hosting meet-up events.

Beacon Sleep Solutions

Beacon Sleep Solutions

Beacon Sleep Solutions  — $1,150

Beacon Sleep Solutions is planning to bring a new sleep technology to market. Their product focuses on solutions for individuals with serious sleep conditions like night terrors or sleep paralysis. Ultimately, Beacon hopes to provide individuals with these sleep conditions happier, healthier lives.



Banwa — $850

Banwa’s goal is to promote local outdoor retailers by providing a professional and sophisticated point-of-sale platform. Banwa wants to create a cooperative online and in-store community that shops local. With the funding from this round, Banwa will continue customer validation to more fully understand their customer base.

Bee Busy

Bee Busy

Bee Busy — $517

Bee Busy wants to help your little one learn while helping you shop. Through an easy-to-use clip-on holder and a deck of grocery related cards, Bee Busy will provide an integrated solution that can be customized to your shopping needs while engaging your toddler with screen-free entertainment.

Store N' Stick

Store N’ Stick

Store N’ Stick — $500

Have you ever found yourself with your hands to full or with too many bags hanging off your backpack? Store N’ Stick is working to provide a solution for you by creating a modular, customizable storage solution that can be attached to any shape bag. Store N’ Stick will use the money from this round to continue prototyping and testing designs.

2 thoughts on “Get Seeded Awards $8,547 in Grants in April

  1. Our company and potentially a couple others may be interested in donating to this cause. Many of us began our careers with start-ups and have become serial entrepreneurs, with a couple based out of the powder mountain region. Can you direct us to the appropriate person/s regarding this? Thank you. 🙂

    • Thanks for your interest! Yes, we forwarded your message to the right staff person. Expect a reply soon.

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