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Gorilla Packaging Company: A Specialty Packaging Supplier

With the e-commerce business model on the rise, it is imperative that companies have safe and reliable shipping solutions to get their product safely from one place to another. Gorilla Packaging Company serves this need providing high-quality packaging options for a vast array of products – wine, spirits, beer, beverages, cans, condiments, olive oil, jam jars, and more.

Business co-owner Justin “JT” Mellecker is enrolled in the Master of Business Creation Online at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business to grow the business with help from scholarships, personal mentorship, and a peer group.

Mellecker and his family acquired Gorilla Packaging Company in 2019. They have since rebranded and modernized the business, helping it become a top competitor in the specialty packaging industry.

“We have been able to innovate and design products that can’t be found anywhere else on the market – specifically, our Hexabox Shipper Kits, which are high-end corrugated boxes that are compatible with an array of fragile goods,” Mellecker said. “Our Hexabox products have opened many doors for us to expand that line to fit many different shapes and sizes.”

Gorilla Shipper

Gorilla Shipper provides high-quality packaging options for many types of products.

As a family run business, Gorilla Packaging Company prides itself in being an eco-friendly company, using recyclable materials to assist in reducing the company’s carbon footprint. From pulp to corrugated shippers, to their patented Hexabox line, all Gorilla products are made in the USA.

Making the decision to transition into e-commerce from the sports industry, Mellecker felt that the Master of Business Creation Online program at the University of Utah would be a great way to facilitate the learning of new skills necessary to running and operating this new business endeavor.

“One of the biggest draws to the MBC program is the ability to apply all coursework directly into your business,” he said. “Each assignment you complete directly correlates to your daily work and can be immediately implemented into your overall business plan. I am very excited to connect with and learn from our professors who are experienced individuals that have successful backgrounds in business development. I look forward to implementing my coursework into the company as the program progresses.”

Gorilla Packaging Company is planning for more growth. They are currently deep in the product development phase for multiple new products, which are set to hit the market as soon as mid-2023.

Learn more about Gorilla Packaging company at gorillashipper.com. If you are interested in testing out any of the Gorilla products, email a request to info@gorillashipper.com.

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