Guided: An AI-Powered Meditation App

Connor Chase, a founder in the Master of Business Creation program at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business, is currently working to make a big impact on the world by bringing artificial intelligence to mental health.

The Guided app is an AI-powered meditation app that aims to provide affordable and effective mental wellness. The app differs from other therapeutic options by personalizing support with deeper, individualized empathy. It uses AI to give users personalized support within 10 seconds.

“Most meditation tools and resources have zero track record of being holistically impactful and should lose their job to AI,” Chase said.

He saw a gap in the market for mental health support. He examined therapeutic options that can be expensive and existing meditation apps that lacked empathy. He is addressing these limitations with a tailored solution that users can access with their fingertips.

Chase wanted to use his talent to make an impact. He has a passion for AI and experience in design. He built a team of nine and launched the first Web3 meditation app: Zenbase. That app reached users on six continents, was certified by the world’s top UX research institute, and has won multiple awards.

This success led Chase to have the confidence and experience to pursue his idea for the Guided app.

“I have unlimited energy to fight depression,” Chase said.

He has seen the devastation depression can cause in someone’s life. He understands how essential it is for people to receive adequate help when they are struggling. He made it his mission to create a solution and help as many people as possible.

To accelerate the Guided app, Chase enrolled in the Master of Business Creation Online program after moving from Florida. The MBC program appealed to his interest in entrepreneurship and ambition to grow his business. It is providing him with the tools, resources, and network that he needs, Chase said.

“The program’s unique blend of academic rigor and hands-on experience has allowed me thus far to reflect on my strengths, weaknesses, and goals,” he said.

As he completes the MBC program and grows his business, Chase looks forward to making a world-changing impact at the tip of a finger.

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