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Hashtaggy Now Available in App Stores

College may be less social today than it’s ever been, but students are rallying together to start a movement to change this forever. This week, Hashtaggy — a student startup at the Lassonde Studios — released their iOS and Android application to all University of Utah students. Download the app here.

As a great school for students who love the outdoors, the University of Utah is the perfect place to find adventure. Unlike other meetup apps, Hashtaggy is all about finding casual hangouts based on your interests. Rather than finding a soccer game to attend, for example, you might find friends to play soccer with. Gamers, entrepreneurs, artists, athletes and anyone else can use Hashtaggy to do the things they love with other passionate students.

“We’ve spent the last two years not building an app, but a movement to take control of our social lives and college experience,” said Ryan Bliss, Hashtaggy founder and U student. “Now, we are inviting all our classmates to join us on this adventure. We hope to see you there!”

Learn more about Hashtaggy at hashtaggy.co.

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