Honors students discover Innovation Scholar Program.

Honors Students Discover Innovation Scholar Program

Honors students at the University of Utah have a unique opportunity match their passions with a purpose, accelerate their educations and work toward their honors theses. Through the Innovation Scholar Program, Honors students can accomplish all of these things while working with diverse students from around campus and getting recognition on your transcript as an “Innovation Scholar.”

Carol Foote is one of the Honors students enrolled in the program. An international studies and pre-med student, Foote explains the value of the program.

“The Innovation Scholar Program helped me think of potential ideas for my thesis, and it helped me realize that I can be creative with the thesis, rather than just writing a research paper,” Foote said. “I have learned a lot from the program, including networking skills, connecting personal passions with a study path and collaborating with others to create an innovative idea.”

Foote is using the Innovation Scholar Program to further her research into how she can spread awareness about the influence of media on body image and eating disorders to young women.

“I would tell other students to get involved in the program because it gives them a chance not only to learn a lot about themselves and what makes them tick,” she said, “but it also gives them a chance to bounce ideas off of classmates and learn from each other.”

The Innovation Scholar Program is managed by the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, the hub for student innovation and entrepreneurship at the University of Utah. Participants of the Innovation Scholar Program are immersed in this community and learn what it takes to follow their passions, do things differently and be innovators.

Get involved and complete the Innovation Scholar Program by following these three steps:

  1. Register for Road Map Class (UGS 3050, HONOR 3050, BUS 3050) During this course you will see how your major and general education courses can fit into a plan to learn more about your chosen area of impact. You will identify extracurricular activities that enable you to create, engage and move your ideas toward making an impact.
  2. Learn, Invent and Get Involved Following your personal road map, you will take courses, get involved in extracurricular activities and learn about the innovation process from community and campus innovative thinkers. Consult your chosen faculty mentor along the way.
  3. Create Your Innovation Portfolio (UGS 3051) Create a website portfolio of your innovative experience. Tell your story of innovation and impact. Having a portfolio is a great way to differentiate yourself as you graduate.

Learn more about the Innovation Scholar Program at www.innovation.utah.edu.

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