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Idaho Barkery: Gourmet, All-natural Dog Treats

Idaho Barkery founder Sabrina Sherwood is a clinical pharmacist, dog lover, and entrepreneur who is dedicated to serving our furry friends gourmet all-natural treats. Based in Boise, Idaho, her company sells healthy, handcrafted treats from fresh ingredients online and at a growing number of pet stores.

“My unique background as a pharmacist has helped me formulate a treat using ingredients that are safe,” Sherwood said. “So much of my career has involved education on which supplements are unnecessary or even harmful. My expertise allows me to see past the misinformation that many dog treat products try to sell us.”

Sherwood is enrolled in the Master of Business Creation (MBC) program at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business to grow the business. She is in the flexible online version of the MBC program, which offers personalized mentorship, application-focused curriculum, and scholarships to help entrepreneurs achieve their business goals.

“I enrolled in the MBC program to learn the business side of owning a company,” she said. “As a pharmacist, my experience with business education was limited.”

The MBC program is already making a big impact on Sherwood’s business. “I have already tripled my revenue and number of partnerships since joining the program,” she said. “The faculty and mentors are really invested in my success.”

Idaho Barkery founder Sabrina Sherwood is a clinical pharmacist, dog lover, and entrepreneur.

Sherwood started Idaho Barkery after facing burnout in the healthcare field during the coronavirus pandemic. That’s when Sherwood started a hobby baking treats for dogs, alongside her co-founder and fiancé, Brendon Garcia.

Together, they have over 26 years of medical experience and education, proof of their drive and their expertise. Sherwood’s experience as a pharmacist and Garcia’s time as a physician assistant has given them a high-level understanding in the science behind dog treats. They are more than just mere dog treat bakers, as they know the product on the chemical and clinical levels. This gives them a unique edge.

Idaho Barkery makes dog treats that are grain-free, meat-free, gluten-free, and preservative-free. They also provide custom shapes by using 3-D printing technology. Customization is key, and their recipes and process reflect that.

“We use all-natural ingredients and customizable shapes, transforming the treat-giving moment into a personalized experience for both owners and pets,” Sherwood said. “Our recipe is specifically designed to allow for easy customization of the treat which gives our brand an additional niche and opportunity for brand partnerships.”

The custom-shaped treats can be used for individuals or for company promotions. Whether it be a more personal treat for your pup, or some treats to be neat advertisement, you can deck out your dog treats with logos, pictures, shapes and more to craft your ideal treat.

“We look forward to continuing to serve tasty treats to dogs everywhere and partner with businesses within and outside of Idaho to create lasting collaborations and branding opportunities,” Sherwood said.

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Idaho Barkery

Idaho Barkery sells healthy, handcrafted dog treats made from fresh ingredients.

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