Kyle Isaacson, Ike Scientific

Ike Scientific: Improving Academic and Industrial Collaboration

University of Utah bioengineering Ph.D. student Kyle Isaacson is making big strides growing his startup company Ike Scientific, which provides technical consulting services and a bridge between industrial and academic research.

In only a few months since founding the company, Ike Scientific achieved both profitability and positive cash flow, and in recognition of his success, Utah Business Magazine recognized Isaacson as one of their “20 in their 20s.” The award recognizes “top Utah 20-somethings that are not only raising the bar, but schooling everyone on the future of business.”

Ike Scientific was also accepted into the Company Launch program at the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute in fall 2019.

“Currently, my expertise is very niche,” Isaacson said. “Mainly, I’ve been able to help small companies with nanotechnology, chemical formulations, and surface coatings. While Ike Scientific is unable to help everybody right now, we can definitely help a few people and companies with their specific needs.”

He started Ike Scientific on a whim after responding to requests online by small businesses looking for freelance formulation scientists. Before he even had a company name, he had more potential clients requesting his services than he knew how to handle.

Isaacson works hard to keep a very personal feel to his consulting services. “Honestly, I spend far more time listening to my clients’ concerns than actually providing any advice or consultation,” he said. The technique has worked well thus far, as Ike Scientific has received positive reviews.

He’s looking to bring on some more experts and expand into nearly all areas of scientific need. Despite the current small scientific focus, Isaacson said Ike Scientific has already served clients in many industries, including food science, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, mining, textiles, and medicine.

“While I can’t be certain that all market pressures are going to continue pushing Ike Scientific on stable financial footing, I can continue trying harder every day to be the stellar consultant that my clients need me to be,” Isaacson said.

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