Interwoven: Integrating Board Games and Digital Games

Does your family only play board games, but you prefer to play video games? Interwoven has solved the ultimate family night battle through integrating board games and video games into one game for everyone to enjoy.

Interwoven is a board game/digital game design startup company. It began in 2018 by founder Nicole Martino, co-founder Kazimar Guenther as a designer, and Trevor Malpede as an artist. All students are sophomores studying Entertainment, Arts & Engineering at the University of Utah. They are working with the U’s Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute to grow their company.

Martino describes the company’s mission: “Interwoven exists to connect people of different backgrounds and cultures into one fulfilling experience.”

Their efforts are spent working on their first game called “Battle Roll.” It includes a multi-player online battle arena element and is a 2-4 player game. There are two ways to win in “Battle Roll”: destroying a base or killing the other players that are not on your team. “‘Battle Roll’ was inspired by a video game genre and was put into board game form with a video game aesthetic present,” Martino said.

This game will be showcased at KickStarter and SaltCon in summer 2020. When Battle Roll has been completed, Interwoven plans to place it in local board game stores in Salt Lake City.

Games have always been a part of Martino’s life. “Games have helped many people out of different situations,” she said. “They have helped people cope, and they can help people when they are sick. If I can make games that inspire people, then I will be doing my part.”

The design company has a unique model of integration. Compared to their competitors, many board game companies don’t usually combine the two, and it can be difficult to do.

Having a startup is all about pushing through when things get challenging. “We have taken every step to make this be what we dream it can be,” Martino said. “Since it is our first product, everything has been somewhat of a challenge but we are getting a lot of help from Lassonde and others.”

Interwoven has had the opportunity to be a part of the Company Launch program at Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute. Company Launch is a cohort that provides student entrepreneurs office space and in-kind resources to grow their business.

“Through this experience, I have learned to never be afraid to ask questions and work with others,” Martino said. “Anyone can help you be successful if you know what to say.”

To stay updated with Interwoven follow them on Twitter @InterwovenGames.

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