Iskanchi Press: Publishing African Voices

Kenechi Uzor wants to amplify African voices.

That’s why he launched Iskanchi Press, a United States-based publishing house. The name is inspired by “Iskanci,” the Hausa word for non-conformity – something Uzor’s startup lives up to.

He is now growing the company in the Master of Business Creation, an applied program for entrepreneurs at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business.

“Unlike other conventional publishing houses, our exclusive focus on African writing ensures a platform where narratives, histories, and ideas from the continent can be shared and celebrated without dilution or distortion,” Uzor said.

Uzor was born and raised in Nigeria. Now living in the U.S., he hopes the work published by Iskanchi Press can help combat stereotypes and increase African representation in mainstream literature. By publishing works of fiction, nonfiction and children’s literature written in English and translated, Uzor wants to make African perspectives more accessible to American readers interested in foreign views and experiences.

“Fully run by African professionals, Iskanchi not only ensures genuine representation, but also fosters an environment where cultural differences are understood and respected, contributing to a more nuanced portrayal of Africa and its people,” he said. “By championing African perspectives, we aim to not only challenge the dominant narrative but also to contribute to a more holistic understanding of humanity.”

Sample books published by Iskanchi Press.

Iskanchi Press was years in the making. While in Nigeria, Uzor gained experience as an editor, publisher, and business owner. He also began teaching writing at the University of Utah and earned a seat on multiple publishing boards. Still, his unfamiliarity with the U.S. business sector made launching Iskanchi Press difficult.

He said enrolling in the Master of Business Creation program made his success possible.

“The MBC program is likely the best thing to happen to me as an entrepreneur,” he said. “The courses are so thoughtfully crafted to cater directly to our specific businesses while addressing practically every question any smart entrepreneur would have from the startup stage and beyond.”

Only one year into Iskanchi’s existence, the publishing company was shortlisted for awards from the Independent Book Publishers Association and featured by the Library Journal. Their books were reviewed by Publishers Weekly, Booklist, Forward Reviews, and other notable literary sites.

When thinking about the future of his startup, growth and impact are Uzor’s greatest goals.

“We want Iskanchi Press to become the trusted platform for authentic African perspectives on the world discourse,” he said.

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