Item Rescue: Hotel Lost and Found Management Solution

Beau Buehler, a University of Utah information systems student and founder of Item Rescue, saw a two-fold benefit in creating and providing the hospitality industry with an effective lost-and-found management system. When discussing how hotels generally manage their lost and found, he learned that current systems being used were very ineffective and required an excessive amount of time by hotel personnel to manage. Additionally, when surveying guest confidence in obtaining items left behind, most people expressed an overwhelming lack of confidence in hotels ability to return their items.

“Item Rescue is all about making it easier for guests to get their items back and providing hotels an effective way to do it,” Buehler said. “It can be stressful to lose something of value and a hotel that can turn that negative experience into a positive one will have more satisfied and loyal guests.”

The application allows hotels to easily manage their lost-and-found inventory, to automatically notify guests of lost items, to ship items back to guests and to collect high-quality reviews on top review sites.

Item Rescue is focused on becoming the number one provider of lost and found solutions in the hospitality industry. The Item Rescue system is being effectively utilized in numerous hotels, and Buehler is excited about the company’s projected growth and potential.

Buehler is enthused to be a part of the Lassonde Institute’s Company Launch Program and has found his involvement to be very beneficial in launching his new company. He said, “One of the most valuable resources that you get as a part of the Company Launch Program is the diverse network of professionals and fellow entrepreneurs. I learn something new every day. It is great to bounce ideas off of other founders and to learn from industry experts.”

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