Ki Coffee: Coffee Culture in a Box

Have you ever had coffee from Spain? Or tried a cafe de olla from Mexico? Have you ever added egg yolk to your coffee like they do in Vietnam? If the answer is no, Ki Coffee can change that.

The company sells subscription coffee boxes that are unlike anything on the market. The average coffee subscription box typically only contains a coffee roast, with a focus on flavor profiles and where the beans were grown. Ki Coffee, on the other hand, focuses on how coffee is consumed differently around the world. Along with coffee, their boxes include all the tools and ingredients necessary to craft those global coffee drinks at home in a culturally authentic way.

Founder Brooke Hundley launched the company by turning her passion for coffee into an entrepreneurial venture, and she grew the business in the Master of Business Creation (MBC) program at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business.

“The MBC gave me the tools I need to build a solid foundation for my company,” she said. “Once I have the foundation built, they’ve also guided me on how to effectively strategize in all areas of business.”

Ki Coffee subscription boxes connect customers to coffee culture and history from around the world. Each box includes everything required to make coffee drinks from different countries right at home. One of their recent boxes is sourced from Turkey and contains a Turkish cup and saucer, a copper cezve, and a variety of sugars and spices. From Mexico to Indonesia and beyond, this innovative model allows subscribers to experience a new corner of the world every three months.

“Other coffee businesses focus on the coffee beans themselves, especially where the coffee was grown, how it was processed and roasted, and the resulting flavor profile in your cup,” Hundley said. “We focus on how cultures around the world drink coffee differently and create that travel experience for you at home.”

Hundley came up with this novel idea when she tried Turkish coffee for the first time and realized that she hadn’t considered the different ways in which coffee is prepared and consumed around the world. Upon researching different coffee cultures, she was surprised to find there was little information on the topic and even fewer ways to try the different preparation methods.

With no options readily available, she decided to take matters into her own hands and created Ki Coffee as a resource for others to learn and experience global coffee culture for themselves.

“In the future, we hope to be the leader in the coffee industry for coffee culture and history,” Hundley said. “This is a segment that is largely untouched in the coffee industry. We want to make this information more accessible and provide cultural coffee experiences. We want to open a coffee center that includes a cafe and focuses on education, experience, travel, and connection.”

During the summer of 2024, Hundley plans to have a mobile coffee bar available for events and at markets with a global coffee menu so people can try coffee drinks from around the world and places like Mexico, Japan, Spain, and Colombia. She will also be offering coffee history and culture workshops where you learn about different coffee cultures and get to try the drinks as part of the workshop.

“Ki Coffee celebrates cultural diversity through the world’s favorite drink, coffee,” Hundley said.

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Ki Coffee subscription boxes customers to coffee culture and history from around the world.

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