Kings Music Studios Foundation: Building a Culture of Belonging

Nearly 20 years ago, Angela Reyes immigrated from Colombia to the United States to pursue her passion for singing and music.

Now, she’s dedicating her time to helping people like her integrate into their adopted societies without sacrificing their cultural roots.

That’s why, with the help of her cousin Melissa Reynosa, she started Kings Music Studios Foundation. As a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the foundation provides age-based weekly classes in music, dance, and percussion. In her classes, students are encouraged to explore and preserve their cultural heritage through music. Each year, students present what they’ve learned in a showcase.

“We aim to help them build a solid foundation of identity, self-expression and resilience,” she said. “We’re committed to bringing cultural diversity and inclusivity to the forefront.”

Hundreds of students have participated in the foundation’s lessons, with over 50 regularly attending classes. Reyes said the response from families has been overwhelmingly positive.

“We surveyed our students to measure the satisfaction level, and we’re proud to report that 100 percent found our program to be of high quality,” she said.

Today, Reyes’ focus is on expansion.

“We hope that government agencies will take notice of our efforts and recognize us as the primary source for the arts in these local communities, particularly for immigrant families,” she said. “We want to extend our reach throughout the country and make the most significant impact possible.”

Despite the foundation’s success, Reyes didn’t initially believe she could launch Kings Music Studios Foundation.

“I never saw myself as an entrepreneur,” she said.

Enrolling in the Master of Business Creation (MBC) at the David Eccles School of Business changed that for her.

“Since joining the program, I have received invaluable support that continues to guide me on my entrepreneurial journey,” she said.

Reyes said that now, she feels confident taking on new challenges.

“Without the MBC, I wouldn’t have the knowledge or skills to navigate all the difficulties that come with starting a business,” she said.

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