Lassonde Studios in the News

Lassonde Studios in the News

The Lassonde Studios opening and dedication received widespread media attention from local and national media. Students moved into the building on Aug. 18, and the dedication was held Sept. 22. Reporters featured everything from the makerspaces throughout the building to the unique living opportunities on the upper floors. Find out what they are saying and get links to all the media coverage below.


“Molded after offices of Silicon Valley companies, [Lassonde Studios] is part of a nationwide trend of colleges and donors spending millions on institutes aimed at stirring up innovation by pairing bright young minds together in a collaborative environment.” — The Associated Press

“It’s hard to miss the big copper building on the University of Utah campus. The visionaries behind Lassonde Studios created the space, with the hope that students would create within its walls.” — KUTV

“The Lassonde Studios is now officially open, housing 400 students that will live in a much cooler place than the vast majority of other college students.” — Beehive Startups

“A new project at the University of Utah could be the incubator for the state’s next big technology and business innovators.” — Deseret News

“It’s been years in the making and on Thursday, the University of Utah unveiled its much anticipated Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute’s Lassonde Studios. It’s a one of a kind facility where students live, learn to be entrepreneurs and where their dreams are realized. They get to create and launch their business, all while going to school.” — Good4Utah

“The sense of community is outstanding; interacting with everyone, whether they are residents of Lassonde or students using one of the many tools the building has to offer, is definitely a great way to meet people.” — The Utah Daily Chronicle


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