Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can Apply?

Have an idea you want to turn into a company? Then Apply! Have a company generating revenue? Then Apply! The Company Launch Program is open to companies in all stages, even as early as just an idea!

How do I get an office?

There are three physical location space options in the Company Launch Program: tables, desks, and offices. Naturally offices are most competitive, but all three options have many advantages. Each team in the Company Launch Program will have a physical presence and working locations reserved just for them at one of these locations. Offices, desks, and tables are delegated based upon company need, team size, and if the company will use their space (there is nothing that frustrates us more than an empty office) Not enough room? Don’t worry, all Company Launch Teams have first dibs on the conference room at the Lassonde Studios.

When should I apply for the Company Launch Program?

You can apply whenever, we receive rolling applications. Each semester (including summer) Company Launch teams are accepted or rejected — be sure to apply a few weeks before the beginning of the upcoming semester!