Ryan Ferrin, winner of Get Seeded, created Chameleon Car, an innovative toy for children.

Lighting up Playtime

Average toys for toddlers are entertaining, but not always educational. That was the issue Ryan Ferrin faced before developing the concept for “Chameleon Car.” It’s a revolutionary toddler’s toy that promotes interaction with the world, not simply stimulus from an electronic device.

The idea: Take a basic, translucent car body and turn it into something captivating. This car, while having all the wonderful elements of your average tangible toy, also has sensor technology on its underside that detects the color it’s on. The car then lights up and recites the color.

“I’ve always wanted to utilize new technology to add value to society,” Ferrin said, “and I saw a vast amount of potential to improve this particular market.”

He first thought up this idea at a Fourth of July celebration. He saw simple toys that were lit up, and the children around him in awe at their glow. He thought, “I could make a toy that could do more than that, but with a similar design.”

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