Lilo: Handmade and Embroidered Bag Straps

Lilo creates 100% handmade and hand embroidered replaceable bag straps to carry customers with the utmost care. The company was founded by Claire Rusovick, a University of Utah student track-and-field athlete. She is studying film and media arts, with an emphasis in animation and a minor in entrepreneurship, all while being a distance runner for Utah. While Rusovick was born with an inclination to create, she is most driven by the opportunity that creating has provided to help people feel understood, empowered, and deeply loved.

Lilo is breaking the standards of traditional bags by making the straps the main event. Each bag strap is customized from start to finish. The colors and embroidery designs are dreamed up by Rusovick and made with love. Not only are the straps designed to be comfortable, durable, and interchangeable, but crafted to serve as a work of art. Rather than purchasing a purse or bag to match different outfits, Lilo believes that each person should be able to keep their favorite bag, and instead style the strap to make quick adjustments for any occasion, outfit, or mood. They believe that art should not just be admired, but worn. Lilo bag straps are stunning enough to elevate an entire outfit and add that missing touch.

On the surface, Lilo is an embroidered bag strap company. Below that, they are striving to elevate individuality and further illuminate the beauty and love that already radiates through each of us. Lilo sees the greatness in others, and works to prove it through the quality and care that is put into their products.

“I have always been drawn to expression through art, but my appreciation for it expanded tenfold after experiencing a bout of chronic illness my sophomore year of college,” Rusovick said. “I published a book during that period of my life. While it wasn’t my most profound work, the writing that I was doing inspired a grand realization in me. When I was at my lowest, I finally understood my biggest motivator at the forefront of my life. I just wanted to love out the most that I could — meaning that I wanted the people around me to feel unmistakably seen and cared for. It was the true start to every creative project that has led me here. I have an extreme softness and a deep appreciation for the way that art has enriched my life and gifted me limitless opportunities to impact and understand others by meeting me where I was.”

To experience what Lilo has to offer, visit @amarasarts on Instagram.

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