Loop: A Subscription Service for Easier Recycling  

Logan Cook, a recent entrepreneurship graduate from the University of Utah, always felt inclined to create. While pursuing his degree, he noticed a problem with recyclable items ending up in landfills and decided to use his creativity to come up with a solution.

Cook’s business, Loop, aims to help the planet by keeping recyclables out of landfills.

Normal recycling requires customers to separate items into glass, metal, plastic, and compost. If done incorrectly, one wrong item can contaminate the entire bin and cause everything to end up in a landfill. In comes Loop: a convenient and comprehensive recycling solution.

The way Loop works is simple. For $19.99/month, customers receive an 18-gallon Loop recycling bin and place all recyclable items inside – no separating required. Inspired by gig-economy giants like Uber, Cook contracts drivers to pick up the bins and serve as a point of contact for Loop customers. Contracted drivers pick up the bins and take them back to Loop’s facility for sorting. Loop then takes the separated items to their respective recycling facilities, ensuring nothing ends up in the landfill.

Loop’s mission is to break down barriers for the everyday recycler, helping the environment along the way. The simplicity of placing all recyclables in one bin allows everyone to recycle effectively, regardless of their knowledge of recycling. From sign-up to pick-up confirmation, everything Loop-related can be handled through a smartphone. Cook is constantly looking for creative ways to help the environment. “If you’re going to recycle, you might as well do it right,” said Cook.

From competing in the Get Seeded milestone grant competition at the Lassonde Entrepreneurship Institute to working with the Entrepreneur Club, Cook’s undergraduate years gave him valuable experience that fostered his entrepreneurial spirit. After two and half years of ideation, Loop began operating in January of 2023. Loop now services 60 residential clients across the Wasatch Front – and that number is growing every day.

Beyond residential clients, Loop also services nine Megaplex theaters in an innovative way. In collaboration with Recyclops, Loop takes the leftover popcorn and pizza from the theaters and brings them to cattle farms and food pantries, in addition to servicing their regular recycling. A focus on innovation, convenience, and problem-solving sets Loop apart from the competition.

Looking forward, Cook wants to expand the operating area of Loop to include the entire Salt Lake City region. He also wants to expand the range of items accepted by Loop. A Loop app or software system is another venture Cook anticipates tackling at some point in the future. Between the current impact Loop is making and Cook’s plans for the future, Loop will certainly be a name to watch out for.

Learn more about Loop at loopnexus.co.

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