Luku Watches: Stylish Timepieces with a Snapback Design

Fas Lebbie, an international studies and entrepreneurship student at the University of Utah, has a growing list of ventures in brand marketing and UX/UI design. One of those ventures is founding Luku Watches, a sleek rendition of urban hip-hop style about to disrupt timepiece fashion. Their watches feature a signature snapback design.

Luku is a Kono word from Sierra Leone that means “new light in an old bottle,” said Lebbie, who grew up surfing in southern California. “We’re bringing new light to an old concept and reigniting freestyle culture with watches.”

Handpicked by Lebbie to head operations, marketing student and CEO Jacob Peters always wanted to be a part of a successful startup. “Luku is more than a watch company,” Peters said. “We’re building a culture, not an investment.”

“Luku is more than a watch company. We’re building a culture, not an investment.”

Peters brought the Luku Watches crew of student collaborators together, including fellow marketing student Drew Kiel, who handles marketing and company email. Kiel loves the entrepreneurial process and does whatever needs to get done like every member of the team.

What began as an idea for an R&B brand nears the “Kickstarter phase” that is expected to put Luku Watches into production later this year. “Ninety-eight percent of all companies successfully pivot from an original idea,” Lebbie said. “An innovator’s strength is knowing when to pivot.”

Luku has received various support from the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, including office space in the Company Launch program and grants from the Get Seeded milestone grant program.

Luku is launching a Kickstarter campaign on Aug. 22.

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