Make Space: Build Something or Become a ‘Green Apron’

Have you ever built a website? A scale model of the Eiffel Tower? A personal fidget spinner? Would you like to teach others some of those skills? If so, the Lassonde Studio’s Make Space has just the student mentoring program for you.

Many students would love the chance to tutor, but some lack the specific requirements to teach standard writing, math, or science. At Lassonde, however, any University of Utah student with a bit of experience is invited to share their expertise.

The Lassonde has loads of equipment offered to all students at the U. Ready for use is the free coffee, an indoor “tool shed” full of gear, and a host of machinery ranging from laser cutters to 3-D printers to band saws.

Best of all, student leaders, referred to as “green aprons,” assist students with their various projects. There are many benefits to being a student leader in the Make Space: not only do you get to deal with woodworking, welding, or the myriad other activities available, but you get to show others how to do it, too. This builds on your own knowledge, as well as gets you involved in tasks you may have never had the opportunity to try.

Marciano Preciado, a computer science major and green apron in the Make Space, says he’s had the opportunity to teach many students how to use the 3-D printers (an entirely free service at the Lassonde’s Make Space). When asked what his favorite print so far had been, he said, “I helped do a continuous print of a Pangolin. It was so long that I didn’t know if it would work on the printers!”

Marciano went on to say that the benefits of becoming a green apron include eligibility for a scholarship and training on all Make Space machinery. He also pointed out that though experience is desired, any student can apply to the Make Space program.

Leadership, daily communication with peers, and the unique work environment looks great on a resume, along with Lassonde’s reputation for entrepreneurship. There are also opportunities to network and get involved with the many ongoing projects by University of Utah students.

Students interested in the green apron program (or needing help on a project of their own), should feel free to drop by Lassonde Studios or check out the leadership link on the Lassonde’s website. For those looking to start projects of their own, check Lassonde’s website calendar for entrepreneurial event updates.

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