Lassonde Studios residential advisors

Meet the Residential Advisors at Lassonde Studios for 2022-23

Meet this year’s residential advisors at Lassonde Studios: 12 student leaders who live and work at Lassonde and make sure all its residents are safe, happy, and healthy. These RA’s are accomplished and involved, serving as great role models for the students they serve over. Read more below about the students working around the clock to keep things running smoothly here at Lassonde! All students at the University of Utah are welcome to live, create, launch at Lassonde Studios. Learn more and apply to live here at

(Pictured eft to right: Dhillon Miclean, Sam Langi, Dylan Anderson, Abby McGowan, Mary Fairbanks, Lauren Lengel, Adryenne Huo, Cynthia Wang, Manny Lopez. Not Pictured: Jade Hamachai, Natalie Strazzulla, Michael Gonzalez.)

Residential Advisors 2022-23

Here are the Lassonde Studios residential advisors for 2022-23 (in alphabetical order):

Dylan Anderson

Hometown: Eagle Mountain, Utah

Major: Games

Fun Fact: I’m an only child!

Favorite thing about Lassonde: I love using the Make Space for hobby related stuff as well as for classes! They have some super useful tools and machines.

Advice for freshman: Use the resources on campus! You’re technically paying for them with fees so you might as well use them!

Mary Fairbanks

Hometown: Cottonwood Heights, Utah

Major: Biology with a minor in chemistry

Fun Fact: I enjoy random science facts, trivia, plants, cats, coffee, tea, yoga, thrifting, and napping.

Favorite thing about Lassonde: I love having a color printer and free coffee. You also meet many driven and hard-working people.

Advice for freshman: Apply for everything that interests you, and don’t let self-doubt be the reason you don’t. You never know until you try, and every time you try you will gain something in return.

Lauren Lengel

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah

Major: Information Systems and Accounting

Fun Fact: I got to visit a turtle hospital last year!

Favorite thing about Lassonde: The different programs at Lassonde, such as the Make Space, Hours with Experts, Arts and Foods Events, etc.

Advice for freshman: Get involved in different things on campus! A lot of campus organizations are great opportunities to gain leadership experiences, new relationships, and scholarships. Some great ways to get involved are through Lassonde, ASUU, UPC, positions in your specific college, Greek Life, the Hinckley Institute, etc.

Michael Gonzalez

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah

Major: Double major in marketing and operations

Fun Fact: I do concert photography and have taken photos for Kanye West and Imagine Dragons

Favorite thing about Lassonde: I like the chicken tenders

Advice for freshman: Say yes more!

Jade Hamachai

Hometown: San Luis Obispo, Calif.

Major: Design with a minor in business

Fun Fact: I love hiking

Favorite thing about Lassonde: The Make Space! You can literally make and create (pretty much) anything you want! I love using the laser printer and sewing machines!

Advice for freshman: Get to know as many people as you can in your community/building!

Adryenne Huo

Hometown: Sandy, Utah

Major: Marketing

Fun Fact: I love to travel! My favorite place I have ever been is Dubai and I am going to Australia post grad!

Favorite thing about Lassonde: I really enjoy the way that Lassonde effortlessly builds community!

Advice for freshman: Apply for all general scholarships within your major and find an organization to get involved in!

Sam Langi

Hometown: Rose Park, Utah

Major: Accounting with a minor in management

Fun Fact: I am a 9 handicap in golf!

Favorite thing about Lassonde: I love the view from the 5th floor of Lassonde and enjoy studying there.

Advice for freshman: Get involved! Joining a student organization is the best way to make friends, grow your skills, and find your interests.

Manny Lopez

Hometown: Logan, Utah

Major: Mathematics (emphasis in statistics), computer science, and Spanish

Fun Fact: I really like pickles. I don’t know, I just do homework. Three majors is not easy!

Favorite thing about Lassonde: The community, environment and the sense of belonging are what I really like about this building.

Advice for freshman: Although there are academic advisors to help you choose your classes, you cannot only rely on them. Be independent.

Abby McGowan

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah

Major: Mechanical engineering

Fun Fact: I’ve lived in Australia twice.

Favorite thing about Lassonde: I love the social aspect of living at Lassonde. It’s a great place to meet friends and study or grab a bite to eat.

Advice for freshman: If you’re struggling in a class, don’t hesitate to ask for help from teaching assistants or tutoring services on campus.

Dhillon Miclean

Hometown: Windsor, Colo.

Major: Games

Fun Fact: Was lead programmer on a competitive robotics team for 10 years, winning nationals once and going to world’s multiple times.

Favorite thing about Lassonde: The people are great here, very friendly and sociable. Most people here are also very open minded and easy to talk to.

Advice for freshman: It’s very hard to get food on campus after 10 pm, stock up at the honors market before they close for late night snacks. Also parking is almost nonexistent so be careful.

Natalie Strazzulla

Hometown: San Juan Capistrano, Calif.

Major: Marketing (emphasis in sales) with a minor in management

Fun Fact: I am a sleepwalker and talker.

Favorite thing about Lassonde: I love the sense of community that you can create through living at Lassonde. I have made some of my best friends living here.

Advice for freshman: Get involved as much as you can. Even if you can’t make it to everything … try.

Cynthia Wang

Hometown: South Jordan, Utah

Major: Computer science and quantitative analysis of markets and organizations

Fun Fact: I would love to be a cat in another life (infinite naps and food!).

Favorite thing about Lassonde: I love Lassonde programming! I’ve been involved since I was a freshman and it’s been a great way to build leadership skills and participate in all the fun things Lassonde has to offer!

Advice for freshman: Be kind to yourself! There will be times where things don’t go the way you planned it, but I think the best thing I’ve learned is to be patient and kind to myself. There are many ways for you to reach your goals, don’t get caught up in one attempt.

About the Author:

Mary Allen Mary Allen is an undergraduate student from Salt Lake City studying graphic design. She has been working in marketing with Lassonde since she began her time at the University of Utah and is also involved at the MUSS Board and the Daily Utah Chronicle. Her passions lie in the arts, sports, and outdoors.

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