­­Meet the Residential & Community Advisors at Lassonde Studios for 2023-24

Meet this year’s residential advisors and community advisors at Lassonde Studios. These student leaders live and work at Lassonde and make sure residents are safe, happy, and healthy. They are accomplished and involved, serving as great role models for the students in their community. Read more below about the students working around the clock to keep things running smoothly here at Lassonde! All students at the University of Utah are welcome to live, create, launch at Lassonde Studios. Learn more and apply to live here at lassonde.utah.edu/studios.


Here are the Lassonde Studios residential advisors (RA) and community advisors (CA) for 2023-24 (in alphabetical order):

Taylor Colosimo – RA

  • Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Major: Finance
  • Fun fact: I am ambidextrous.
  • Favorite thing about Lassonde: I love the resources Lassonde provides for us. Having the ability to use resources like the Make Space is so unique for college students.
  • Advice for freshmen: Get involved in as many things on campus as possible and make use of the resources while you still have the opportunity to do so.

Anna Fairbanks – RA

  • Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Major: Biology and world languages with minors in Chinese and chemistry
  • Fun fact: I grew up with three pet crawfish: Krusty, Larry, and Bubbles.
  • Favorite thing about Lassonde: My favorite thing about Lassonde is the strong sense of community and all of the residents that help make it a welcoming environment.
  • Advice for freshmen: Use the provided resources! Stay curious and try to learn something new as often as you can.

Londyn Fletcher – CA

  • Hometown: Kaysville, Utah
  • Major: Health and kinesiology with an emphasis in teaching
  • Fun fact: My family lives on a sailboat called “Best Life” and they are currently living their best life in Fiji.
  • Favorite thing about Lassonde: The themed floors because they are very unique and fun.
  • Advice for freshmen: Get to know your neighbors. Invite them to activities, help them out where you can, clean up after yourself in the common spaces, and participate in the community.

Kelsey Hart (she/they) – RA

  • Hometown: Reading, Pennsylvania
  • Major: Games with a minor in computer science
  • Fun fact: One day I hope to have my own mobile library and road trip around the US.
  • Favorite thing about Lassonde: Definitely the people! The staff and all the residents are super sweet and cool people.
  • Advice for freshmen: Lassonde Studios has so many programs and resources available. Make use of them!

Ryunosuke Hattori – CA

  • Hometown: Lahaina, Hawaii
  • Major: Chemical engineering
  • Fun Fact: I was born in Japan and grew up in Hawaii.
  • Favorite thing about Lassonde: Not having to wake up in the middle of the night to a fire alarm.
  • Advice for freshmen: Don’t be afraid to talk to your neighbors.

Sophie Hill – RA

  • Hometown: Sandy, Utah
  • Major: Biomedical engineering
  • Fun fact: I skipped second grade.
  • Favorite thing about Lassonde: I love the endless number of resources, physical and non-physical, that we are provided with, whether that be all the tools in the Make Space or the programs we can join. It’s fun to see people have access to the things they are passionate about!
  • Advice for freshmen: Make friends and talk to people, most likely there are at least a few people who share things in common with you.

Jackson Johns – RA

  • Hometown: South Jordan, Utah
  • Major: Metallurgical engineering and veterinary sciences
  • Favorite thing about Lassonde: My favorite thing about Lassonde is the building layout and the fact that you can make so many good and strongly supported connections.
  • Advice for freshmen: Make connections! Don’t be afraid to meet people; it’ll help you in the long run!

Lauren Lengel – RA

  • Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Major: Accounting and information systems
  • Fun fact: I once went snorkeling three times a day for three weeks.
  • Favorite thing about Lassonde: Free coffee, driven people, and cool workshops/events.
  • Advice for freshmen: Make friends and find opportunities. There are so many programs at Lassonde with scholarships and ways to connect with others who you may end up knowing for years. Try not to stress yourself out and have fun!

Manny Lopez – RA

  • Hometown: Logan, Utah
  • Major: Computer science and mathematics (emphasis in statistics)
  • Fun fact: I am a big plant lover! My room is basically a mini-indoor jungle.
  • Favorite thing about Lassonde: I absolutely love all the awesome opportunities it provides for personal and professional growth. Whether it’s through workshops, networking events, or just the vibrant atmosphere, there’s always something exciting happening here.
  • Advice for freshmen: Take full advantage of the free resources available, mingle with new people, and make the absolute most of your college experience. It’s a unique opportunity so seize it with both hands!

Bode Packer – RA

  • Hometown: Boise, Idaho
  • Major: Computer science
  • Fun fact: I grew up learning to surf in a land-locked state.
  • Favorite thing about Lassonde: The location. The close proximity to all of my classes gives me significantly more free time to squeeze work out between classes and creates a convenient meeting spot for friends to gather.
  • Advice for freshmen: Make use of all of the resources in the Make Space and at the front desk. Every time I need a tool to build something or a measuring tape to plan something else, they are always happy to assist!

Kathleen Williams – CA

  • Hometown: Huntsville, Texas
  • Major: Theatre
  • Fun fact: I have a dairy allergy, so I know all of the best vegan restaurants in Salt Lake.
  • Favorite thing about Lassonde: I love the convenience of Lassonde’s location and all of the resources that exist in our building. If you need a sewing machine or a snack, you’re good to go.
  • Advice for freshmen: Work hard to meet people but always take time to do things alone.

Kevin Wold – CA

  • Hometown: Palmer, Alaska
  • Major: Entrepreneurship and accounting
  • Fun fact: I can do the worm!
  • Favorite thing about Lassonde: As an entrepreneurship major – and aspiring business owner – my favorite thing about Lassonde is all of the entrepreneurial resources and activities available to residents.
  • Advice for freshmen: Take advantage of the opportunities Lassonde makes available to you! This is the “beating heart” of entrepreneurship at the U, enjoy it while you can!

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