Microcade portable arcade system

Microcade: Portable Arcade System

Dalton Clift, a student at Park City High School, has always felt a pull towards technology. Since he discovered the computer at the age of four, technology and innovation have been a huge chunk of his life. Whether programming a new app or taking part in gaming competitions, Clift’s competitive drive inspired him to innovate and improve anything he could.

Between his passion for technology and his entrepreneurial spirit, it was not a surprise when Clift, working with classmate Nick Mountz, created the Microcade, a portable arcade system. When working in a software development program through his high school, the idea hit him: why not create an authentic arcade experience in a single affordable and transportable system.

The guts of a Microcade system designed by a Park City High School student.

The guts of a Microcade system designed by a Park City High School student.

After researching, designing, and refining for months, Clift was able to come to the final prototype. His prototype and business design placed him in a fantastic spot for the Utah High School Entrepreneurship Challenge, an annual competition provided by the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute and designed to showcase and reward high school entrepreneurs. In the competition, he won a scholarship to Lassonde Studios, the University of Utah’s living center for those who are inventive, intelligent and passionate about entrepreneurship and business. On top of this, Clift received valuable feedback about his company and his product, which he ultimately applied to his Kickstarter campaign.

Concluding at the end of June, the Kickstarter campaign offers options ranging from a full instruction kit detailing how to make your own microcade to a plethora of Microcade Systems products, including a modular system that allows users to connect their cabinets and play with each other.

If you want to learn more about the product, visit www.microcadesystems.com. To learn more about the Kickstarter campaign, visit

Microcade portable arcade system

What are you waiting for? Flip on a Microcade portable arcade system.

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