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Planning a summer RV trip this year? Let help you decide where to vacation this year and what other RVers are saying about their favorite attractions.

Cory Heward, a student in the Online MBA program at David Eccles School of Business, and his partners Ryan Badger and Lucas Earl developed and are now working on a mobile app in order to make finding RV friendly destinations not such a pain.

The founder, Heward, managed the top-rated RV resort in Utah and was constantly being asked where RVers can and should stop, not only to stay the night but also the best places to eat, get gas, and the best local attractions. Sounds easy right? Well, try finding these types of places that can accommodate vehicles up to 80 feet long. With a problem at hand Heward took on the challenge of making a crowdsourced solution for the RVing industry.

While thinking of what the solution could be, he thought that maybe a website would be too high tech for the demographics to handle. But when he attended the largest RV show in the United States he was surprised that everyone wanted a mobile app. Not only are the demographics picking up on having mobile apps but they want a reliable source that is as mobile as they are.

After looking at how much a mobile app cost, Heward’s team seeked funding and landed upon the Lassonde Institute’s Get Seeded event. After competing in the Get Seeded event for two months has recieved total funding of $6,415 to go toward marketing and their mobile app for RVers. Heward and his team have also been accepted in Get Seeded’s first ever Rush-to-Revenue event where they will receive funding for multiple milestones and receive business coaching from staff at the University of Utah. was started by U students to help you plan your next vacation.

Competing in the Get Seeded competition has allowed Heward’s team to take their business to the next step and push forward in developing an app that can better serve the RV industry.

“We are super grateful for the funding that we have been awarded,” Badger said, “and now having executive coaching from staff at the Lassonde Institute will allow us to see that our funds are being put to use in the best way possible.”’s team is thrilled to be able to develop an app that will allow RVers to access crowdsourced information about RVing destinations. Their website is functioning and they are planning on having the app developed and in the App Store and Google Play store by late summer of this year. So fire up your RV and let My RV Destinations help you find your next RVing adventure.

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