New Donation and Building in the News

Newspaper, television and radio reporters attended our big announcement event April 8 at the David Eccles School of Business. Below is sample coverage about the announcement of a new $12 million donation from Pierre Lassonde and plans for our new Lassonde Studios building at the U.

Deseret News

“University officials Tuesday announced the donation of $12 million from philanthropist and alumnus Pierre Lassonde to be used in the construction of a $45 million residence facility that doubles as an entrepreneurial garage space for student to meet together, build prototypes and launch companies.” … Read More

Salt Lake Tribune

“Lassonde, who grew up in a small French-speaking city in Quebec, made a fortune pioneering the practice of purchasing royalties for precious metal mines in the early 1980s.” … Read More


“Pierre Lassonde donated an additional $12-million which brings the total amount he has given the university to $25-million.” … Watch Video

 Financial Times

“The University of Utah has received a further $12m from MBA alumnus Pierre Lassonde to give budding entrepreneurs at the university a new home. The donation brings the total given by Mr Lassonde to support the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, a division of the Eccles school of business, to $25m.” … Read More


“The Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute announced today a 12 million dollar gift from Pierre Lassonde. Mr. Lassonde, a French Canadian mining entrepreneur with an MBA from the U, says his donation will be used to create a new facility where students will live, create, and launch new enterprises.” … Read More


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