Innovation tournaments allow students to network and learn about techniques to innovation.

New Innovation Tournaments

An easy, fun, quick pitch is the only thing standing between you and $500. How? Through Innovation Tournaments, the newest addition to the Utah Entrepreneur Series. Innovation tournaments are the launch pad for your great idea.

How does it work? Students gather and pitch their innovative problem-solving idea to their peers. Live audience voting and final judge selection will determine the winner of the event. Winners will be awarded $500.

Is it scary? No! This is the best environment to pitch a new idea. You can expect other participants to be friendly and give you feedback about how great your idea is or how to improve it. Audience members ask important questions that help you better understand your idea. Innovation Tournaments are the best place to present, evaluate and improve your idea.

Come enjoy food, networking and an environment of entrepreneurship and innovation!

More information here:

Upcoming Innovation Tournaments

Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2014
School of Science Innovation Tournament
J.W. Marriot Library
Room 1715

Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2014
School of Medicine Innovation Tournament
Eccles Health Sciences Library
Center of Medical Innovation
Room 15

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